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range report

Nice and "clean" looking.
Sorrry to bring an old thread back up to the top, but wow didn't know about this websight untill a few days ago. I was on the phone with Bob when he told me about this place. I am very excited I found this sight. I was even more excited to actually find my gun pictures here! I have had my Fusion for about 6 months. It is the most ballanced, and well constructed 1911 I have owned. Dealing with Bob was awesome, and I got it my way.
range report:
On the first day I recieved my gun, I went strait to the range. Loaded up 9 rounds of 45 and shot the tightest group I have ever shot, about 1-1/2 inch from 15 yrds. It looked like a clover leaf, with no gaps between the bullet holes, they all overlaped, and ofcourse I could only find 7 holes so 2 went thru the same hole. I have gone back several times since then with other people, and they can not believe how much better they shoot my gun over their own. It is not uncommon for me to shoot thru the same hole with my Fusion. I have done this repeadly, and other have also.
Thus far I have pumped some 1000 rounds down range, Mostly 230 fmj, some hp, a few 180 gr personal defence stuff, and some +p type stuf. Not one hickup, or failure to feed. I have never cleaned it ( afraid to put an idiot scratch). I use wilson 47d mags. Ofcourse I tried alot of different ones at first. The only one that does't work is Pro Mag col 03 .45acp. They will not seat fully when inserting. And a 10 round colt that will not hold open after last round. Ofcourse these are all mag issues.

I have just returned the gun to Bob for some more cosmetic work, just to fancy it up, things I couldn't afford on the first go round. He's going to cut fancy serrations with reveal across the top of slide, and he's going to crown the barrel flush. Replace the rear sight with Trijicon. I was going to have him blend the magwell but after talking to him about it we decided it was pointless and would require a refinish on the frame.

I'm already contemplating what my next one will be, kinda stuck between a bobtail commander in 9mm, or a longslide in 10mm. But what ever I chose It will be Ion bond. I like the finish because I can gently wipe it down and I can leave it dull so it dosen't shine and reflect light. It is a finish I would recomend for tactical reasons.
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