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My advice would be to find good data for whatever powder/bullets you're gonna use, and follow that data PRECISELY, starting out at the very minimum and working up carefully. I've loaded thousands of rounds of .40 now. It's very high pressure, and therefore very sensitive to variations in C.O.A.L. and such that can affect pressure. I believe .357 SIG is the same way, though I do not load it.

I've never had problems, but I'm careful and use light to medium loads for repeatedly loaded brass, and only do "hot" loads in brand new brass. I look for signs of excess pressure when prepping multiple loaded cases, and usually toss 'em after the 10th or 11th loading just for good measure.

Those Hornady dies should work just fine in your Dillon, just do the usual adjustments, you know....

Any good, modern loading manual by a major maker will have ample .357 SIG data. Titegroup, Unique or Power Pistol are good powders for it. I use Titegroup for .40, works great.

Have fun!
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