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I got to thinking about it and the vbulletin (this) board is better and secure than the phpbb (other) and if I was going to move to it sooner is better than later. I still have the other board unmolested, but look around and tell me what you think of this one. Most of the boards that plan on being around use vbulletin. I still have some work to do, so it's not done yet.

Oh, anyone that was linking to avatars including me will have to do it again. Sorry.
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I gotta say,I like this way better. I'm pretty much used to VBulletin layouts.
Me too zero, that's what most of the serious ones are. Now I just have to figure everything out in the admin panel.
the quick reply doesnt work for me but other than that I like this one better.
I just tried it and it's working for me, you have to hit the quick reply buttom to the right of edit and quote first to activate it.
Oh, I get it. Thanks for clearing that up. The two big forums on the 'net dedicated to 1911s (1911forum.com & M1911.org) are using vBulletin and are doing great for themselves. But it's your forum and it's entirely up to you.
I like it alot from my end. More stuff to confuse me on this end, and that's pretty easy to do, but I think it's a keeper.
I havent been doing this forum thing as long as most of you guys...but I do like the vBulletin layout.
After using this one for a while I don't think there is any going back to phpbb.
this is style most boards are and flow pretty well compared to phpbb
You guys are confusing me! I just like 1911 forums! Thanks for giving me another resource and sounding board.
You are welcome primers and what we are talking about is that this is based on vbulletin like 1911forum, m1911 and many others are. Phpbb looks more like this:

Oh, I see. I don't care for the phpbb.
Oh, I see. I don't care for the phpbb.
I agree with primers.
im lucky to turn the thing on in the first place
This format is the most user-friendly that I've found. The Smith & Wesson Forum is one of the worst, IMO.
Yep, sigforum is pretty bad also.
One thing that I do not like

There is no cut and paste option, since I'm very bad speller, I copy and paste alot.
I am with Frenchy this format I can even handle well and that is saying something lol.
There is no cut and paste option, since I'm very bad speller, I copy and paste alot.
Cut and paste what?
1 - 20 of 31 Posts
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