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Need a .45 recipe using Unique.

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Title says it all really. I have a 4 pounder of unique and I just aquired a new Para 1911. I use AA no.9 for my .357 sig so I figure I might as well use the Unique up in .45 loads :)
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A lot of us use Unique, But you gotta be more specific on what you intend to load. I've loaded bullets from 152gr to 300gr. Hot loads, lite loads, factory equivalent, lead, FMJ, JHP's. Give us some ideas what bullet and purpose you'll shoot and use it for.

Right now, my everyday load is also my bowling pin load. This is +P in some manuals, so load & use with caution.

255 lswc 5.0gr Unique 1.175-1.190 oal.

I have a lot more Unique loads, but I won't waste your time with loads you won't use. Tracy
I am mainly using it for range fodder so factory type loads with 185g bullets will most likely be what I am going to shoot.

180 lswc- 6.5 & 6.8gr 1.250 oal (warm/accurate for the 6.8 load)
185 JHP Sierra- 6.3gr 1.210 oal (medium lite pin load)

Haven't shot 180/185's in a bunch of yrs and even less with Unique. If you wanted other powder recipe's, I could give you a bunch. Just never used much Unique when I was shooting lite bullets. Hope this helps. Tracy
I posted a good thread for .45 loads try some of them, they work for me.
Unique loads for a .45

LSW 5.1 gr Unique 810 fps 1.19" Fed 150 Alliant Suggested starting load: 4.6 gr
Pressure: 9,600

JHP 7.1 gr Unique 975 fps 1.175" Fed 150 Alliant Suggested starting load: 6.4 gr
Pressure: 19,500

LSWC 7.0 gr Unique 910 fps Win LP H&G #68 cast from wheelweights. Feeds well, extremely accurate. Probably the best load available in the .45 ACP prior to the development of good JHPs and still no slouch.

LSWC 6.8 gr Unique Unknown 1.168" Win LP This load uses the Lyman 452460 SWC mould, using 4 parts wheelweights to one part linotype. I shoot them as cast with moly lube in the grease grooves. It is a real tack driver through my Thompson, and works good in a 1911 as well.
LSWC 5.3 gr Unique Unknown 1.22" CCI LP Very accurate load in my SA Custom Loaded 5" barrel and Dad’s Kimber. Good plate match load.
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Checked my reloading journal and it looks like Reconvic and I are on the same page.
:dancingbananna:Of coure we are Snag they work fine bro on a .45 ACP.:wink:
I dont use it anymore but in the 80's I used 5.0gr on 200gr LSWC and 5.4 for 230gr ball.
I starting out loading using the new unique powder
unique 5.0 200 grain swc OAL 1.232 in my SA 1011
unique 7.1 with hornady 200 grain xtp
Both loads shot excellent I did switch to Winchester 231 in the cast bullet burns a lot cleaner and easier to clean the 1911
I still use the unique with the XTP
Got any favorite bullets or bullet weights you prefer?
See my post -----#2. Still need to experiment with Trail Boss & Longshot with the 255. Tracy
I like 7.5Gr Unique under a 185Gr Nosler HP, with WLP.

The Noslers are less expensive than much of the ball are. Not as cheap as cast, but still good. That load chrono'd at 960 in my 5" SIS and I got a 14 shot group of about 2" at 25 feet (two hand hold, no support and almost rapid fire (10 seconds for 14 rounds).

I'm happy.
I am using 7.2g under a 200g rainier (sp) right now, I ran out of the freebie 230g hollowpoints :(
This is not a recommendation, but 6.1 Unique behind any 230 grain bullet works for me.....

This should duplicate GI 230 grain ball...
Without checking my journal, I think that is one of my favorite recipes, Pappy
How much on this load

You guys are a wealth of information. I want to load Unique under a 200 gr. Rainier copper plated bullet. Would 6.0 grns. and a AOL of 1.225 be a safe load? Any more suggestions on Unique would be of great help.
6.0 will be fine.

Reconvic's post is from the manual. Unique is very forgiving with mistakes as is the 45acp.

Load and make ready,
shooter ready,
stand byyyyyyyy,
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