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MyFusion build

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I am almost finished with my build. I just have the bluing of the slide and install the sights. Here are some photos
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Looks sweet!
I did all the safety tests, all is working. Ran 50rds of ball the first two rds did not feed but, the next 48 no problems. Without sights I had a 4-5 group at 30 ft. I wanted to know if it would feed swc so,I ran 21rds without a problem.
I do have one problem it wont lock after the last round. I think it is the slide stop, I did not do any work on it. What did i do wrong? Of all the things not to be able to fit, it is driving me nuts. I did try 3 different mags so it is not that.:thinking:
Is the mag follower catching the slidestop? Does the slidestop work using your thumb to push it up into lock? If these are "yes" then you may want to polish the end of the slidestop where it contacts the plunger and/or polish the tip of the plunger. Sometimes you can shorten the plunger very slightly to lessen the force on the slidestop. Shorten it too much and you may get premature lockback. Add a drop of oil to the plunger also and make sure it depresses easily into the tube. Nice smooth surfaces on both the slidestop and plunger tip should get you going. Great job so far!!

Thanks I will try it.
Don't know how i have missed this till now but it looks excellent great job
Thanks, I have done all of the work except frame to slide and Bob did that. It has been a giant learning process for me. The next thing to do is blue the slide and I will follow Blindhogg's finishing web page.

Did you solve the lockback problem? Let us know if you have any other issues.
No :hairpull: I did try a slide stop out of Kimber with no problems. I will order a new stop soon. Thanks

You guys are the best; you will get my next gun order.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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