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My Kimber Break-In Period Question

Discussion in 'Kimber Mfg.' started by Dr. Loomis, Aug 1, 2020.

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    Aug 1, 2020
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    So I have a Kimber Custom ii TLE that I just put 300 fmj rounds through. This is my third Kimber TLE and the first one to jam on me. I ran hundreds of rounds through my first two Kimber TLE's over a few weeks and they were fine. But this one started to jam during the second hundred rounds. I was using a Wilson Combat HD /+P and ETM 8 round mags. It jammed six times and it was usually on the last round and they were all ftf malfunctions. And I oiled the weapon every 100 rounds. It also jammed on the last round when I fired two magazines of Federal HSTs at the very end.
    Am I being too harsh on my Kimber for not trusting it for carry use anymore? I don't have confidence in this one like my first two but I didn't run those two through a 300 round break-in day like this one. I carried the first two Kimber TLE 's years ago with total confidence. I appreciate any help you can offer me because I love this gun, but I have to be realistic with my concealed carry choice. Thank you to everyone!