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I have been bitten by the 1911 bug and have the fever now. So I have been stopping at every LGS in my area for some time. Getting to know the owners and employees of most places. I went into a small LGS and asked what was new. The owner showed me a few new Kimber models that had come in. He knew I had been looking at the Raptor II for a while. I wanted one for my BD and was saving. He showed me a few others 1911 and asked if I would like to see a Les Baer. Now of course I said yes but thought way out of my price range. He walks in back comes out with this older non descript plastic case. Inside this case is the most wonderful looking Les Baer :biglaugh:. So I ask what model is it ? He says I think its a combat model. He tells me I dont believe it has ever been fired. Atleast or if it had very liltte. And it looks to be in prime shape. OK I says, now I do not know alot about the Les Baer's and I assume he is correct. Then I ask what he wants for it and Im like sweeeet in my price range:biggrin:. I take a pic with the phone write down the serial number and off I go. I text the wife and say I found my BD present. The next question from her is. Is it really what you want ? "mmmm yes I think so" I say trying not to sound to excited.
I get home do some research and cant find a thing about the gun. I call Les Baer and spoke to Kate. You know They answer the phone there. Their isnt a machine a person answered. I give her the info she says its a little older let me call you back. Ok so I think Ill never hear from Kate again. 10 minutes later phone rings and Kate gives me the info.
1997 Les Baer TDP (Tactical Defense Pistol) only 100 made and she gives me a little more info.
I went straight back to the LGS and pick up my Les Baer TDP.

Now I have learned a little about the gun and it only came with one mag. I believe there should have been 3 baercoated mags, two sets of grips and the paper work with it. None of which I got.
Does anyone have any info on these TDP's ?


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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