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When I was bout 13 or 14 years old I went elk hunting in the White Mountains (Northern Arizona) with my father and his friends. I didn’t have a tag as it was archery and I was too small to pull back the required poundage. But I went with them none the less. I think it was our second week in and we had seen a few elk but no one took any shots, just were not close enough. Finally my dad took a shot at this beautiful bull elk, he hit twice just as fast as I could blink but of course it didn’t go down right away. After a little tracking we found the elk and “field stripped†him. My dad left me there with the elk, his 9mm, my little 22 ruger handgun and my sling shot and went to go get the truck. With the instructions “if a bear comes just keep shootingâ€. I was a small, small kid, this left me absolutely terrified. So there I sat for about an hour waiting on my dad. He gets close enough that we can pack the elk out.

We get back to camp and it is already dark, so we hoist the elk up in the tree so no bears can get it until we can finish cleaning it and take it down to the game processing place in Springerville. No refrigeration is necessary being it is January and we were pretty much in a giant freezer anyway. So I get ready for bed and lie down. All I could think about was dang my dad left me for the bears. So in the middle of the night I heard the tree’s shaking outside the camper. I laid there for a little bit hoping my dad would hear it and get up. No such luck, crap I have to go outside. So I go outside and what do I see but a big bear trying to get that elk. He was jumping, climbing anything he could. I step back in the camper and grab a rifle (we never went anywhere with out our toys) I walk to the front of the truck and start beating on the hood of the truck with my hand, a stick, the butt of the rifle, screaming and yelling anything to make a loud noise. The bear unfazed by this noise continues to jump at the elk. For some reason dad still hasn’t come out of the camper. So I keep making noise, then I begin to throw things at this bear who is at least 5 times my size. Finally, the darn thing gives up and leaves. I go back into the camper and go back to sleep somewhat ruffled I guess you could say.

The next morning my father gets me up and says its time to finish cleaning the elk, I just kind of glare at him and get up. I sit at the little table and he sits down across from me and says, “you know, you sure as hell make a lot of noise in your sleepâ€. I said “I wasn’t sleeping I was scaring off that stupid bear trying to get the elk.†He says no son you were sleeping. :rofl:
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