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My basket case nears completion

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It began life with me as a basket case, that was missing parts. Over the last six months I have been making changes .

From something like this, (actually started worse than this, tiny sights and missing parts before I took pictures): I added Millet sights, and some parts out of my parts bin to get it running.

To this: New trigger, grips, beveled the mag well, trigger job.

To this: New beaver tail, hammer, more bevel in the mag well, raised front strap/triggerguard, EGW barrel bushing, and a coat of Norrels Moly Resin.

MEU/SOC inspired. I'm considering an ambi safety if I can find one I like. If it needs to be more accurate I may fit a Kart Barrel
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Looking good!!!:smile:
Nice transformation. Please keep us up to date.
Looks good, may I ask what hammer and beaver tail you used?
Looks good, I like to see them as the progress.
I like the Ring Hammer :shades:
Looks good, may I ask what hammer and beaver tail you used?

Smith and Alexander .220 radius Beavertail.

Hammer was a take-off part from a friends Colt Commander.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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