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Started with a GI model I bought new in SC in '95 while I was a grad student. Other than an Ed Brown ambi safety I had installed in Galveston, TX, & some cheap chinesium gunshow rubber wraparound grips I'd added about that same time. As it became my regular carry piece in 2003 when I got out of 10mm & sold my S&W1006. Looked like this until 2018.


Discovered a local cerakoter about that time, & decided I wanted it done in old .38 Super gloss black. Decided to have my 'smitty do some other upgrades @ the time as well, as I'd never had a 1911 customized. Improved Wilson trigger, grip safety, ambi-safety, extended slide stop, etc (can't remember where I found that hammer, though). Then it looked like this.


Couldn't do anything with the crappy sights though, & I'd just redone the factory sights on my Loaded (with Trijicons), & wanted to do likewise About that same time I found a new takeoff TRP Operator slide & bbl on Gunbroker I couldn't pass up. Originally wanted to mate it to this frame, but with new cerakote, the tolerances were too tight. Ended up mating that combo to the Loaded frame (so now I have a "Loaded Operator!") & putting the Loaded slide with new sights on the mil-spec frame.


Ended up selling the GI slide & bbl to someone on another board, & made someone else happy in the process. 1911's have turned out to be more fun than I imagined with customization.
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