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Maintenance Schedule:

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The following maintenance schedule is quoted directly from the Wilson Combat 1911 Auto Maintenance Manual by Bill Wilson.

Clean and Lube, Routine:

Lead bullet use every 300-500 rounds

Jacketed bullet use every 500-700 rounds

Carry pistols once a month

Clean and Lube, Thorough:

Every 5,000 rounds and/or every 3 months your pistol should be completely disassembled, cleaned and lubricated.

Spring Replacement:

Recoil spring every 2,000 rounds

Firing pin spring every 5,000 rounds

Hammer spring every 25,000 rounds

Parts Replacement:

Firing pin stop: when cracked

Slide stop: when broken

Extractor: when hook edges become worn or fails to maintain tension

Credit to the Sight M1911
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