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Just picked one up.
This is a gun that just feels like you have to shoot it... alot. Same size as a 1911 but with a striker the BATF calls a single action. If I were on duty I would definately add the thumb safety. There is nothing not to like about this gun. You could own 5 of them for the price of an upper end 1911. I'm impressed, now I need to shoot it.:gun1:
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Glad you like it, but shouldn't this be in the "other pistols" forum?
Yep, and it's being moved now.
You just need to spend little less then $100 on trigger, then it'll be fine shooter.
I donno what it is about M&P45, since S&W states that trigger is same weight, travel and reset as M&P9 and 40, But they are NOT.
M&P 9 is crisp, easiy to tell when its gonna brake, but M&P45 had sort of odd trigger feel.
Just let this guy does his magic on your trigger. you'll be amazed
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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