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My LW OACP that is still in progress but mostly done. The work done by....me. I have since cleaned up the hammer some, I didn't notice before I took the pic.

Parts list.

Ed Brown Bobtail msh cut to fit oacp for rounded butt
Ed Brown High rise beavertail
Greider medium solid trigger
Same thumb safety that was in it just modified to gi style.
Nowlin drop in rear sight
EGW melt bushing
EGW 1/4" flgr and reverse plug
ISMI flat wound single recoil spring
TJ's series 80 replacement bushing

When I got it:

Thread documenting the work.

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It looks a whole lot better now. :wink:
Looks pretty Dang good send it to me so i can shoot it
I agree OD, I like it a lot better. Feels a lot better in the hand also.

Wish you were close enough Bud, I would be glad to let you have a go with it.

I need to do something with the frame, I would like to nickle with hard chrome over it but I may get something to do myself for now. Maybe gunkote or duracoat. I think I may do a high cut on the front strap and dehorn just before I do that. I was thinking about checkering the frint strap myself but maybe not. I can take them either way.

I gotta find a fricken place to shoot, everyone that lived in the boonies bailed out.
Very nice, Jerry!!!!:smile::smile:
Hard Chrome
Yea, that would be pretty sweet. It also makes the aluminum very durable.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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