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LS-9 Ordered!

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Hey everyone!

Well I ordered a 2009 version LS-9 last week and it should be here today. (hopefully) I am both excited and nervous. While I was looking for a full size 1911 a while back STI was big on my list of potentials since I had heard such great things about them. Anyway, I was debating over this and a Slim Hawg for summer carry due to the small size. While at the gun store I placed the order for the LS-9. When I got home I started doing some research on that particular model and found a forum where people have been less than impressed with that it (older version). Some mentioned mutiple returns to STI for repair and major work effecting servicability of the weapon. This scared me since it could potentially save my life failure is not an option. On the flip side STI has released a new version with the bigest feature being a locking slide after the last round is fired. Does anyone own one of these or know someone who does and could provide some feedback?
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Congrats on your purchase. I hope that it works out for you. I had an STI Trojan that I could never get to function properly. It went back to STI twice and still never worked right. It was nice, and very accurate though. Also, STI's customer service was very good as well. Let us know what you think about it after you get it, and post some pics!!!!!
To make a long story short the store ordered both guns for me. After comparing the two side by side the Para was the winner. So ended up getting the Slim Hawg. I have put about 250 rounds through it and have been having some feed issues. At first I thought a 1911 needs to be broken in. However, upon disassembling it for cleaning I found that one of the tabs on the barrel bushing is broken. :-( So I guess it will be going back to them for repair. Hopefully it will get taken care of quickly.
Man that kind of thing just makes your heart sink with a new gun. I know how you feel as I seem to be one of those guys who always ends up with the lemon. Good luck with the fix, and may your new pistol have a speedy recovery:biggrin:
I recently shot a LS9 at my LGS and was very unimpressed. I really wanted to like the LS9, but I could not get it to feed more than 2 bullets in a row, and the accuracy was horrible. I was a bit confused because it did appear to hold open on the last shot, but it was a "used" gun in the shop so most likely not the newest version. The owner said the problem was probably that it hadn't had enough of a break in yet, but it looked to me like the slide release was not intended for that gun and was getting in the way of the loading. So whether the issue was someone swapping incorrect parts into it or something else, that particular LS9 was not a winner in my book. And to top it all off, the price was higher than retail from STI! I really wish I had a local STI dealer so I could get a better look at STI guns in general. I really like the look of a lot of their 1911's.
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