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Love to shoot!

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I'm a long time PPC shooter, many year NRA Action Pistol shooter, and very new to IPSC/USPSA and three-gun competition. Not good at any of it .... but love it all!!!!
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Welcome to the forum and practice practice practice....
Welcome, make yourself at home.
Hi Shoot-r, glad to have ya on board.
Thank-you everyone for the welcome!
Primerinmyshoe, Have you ever shot any USPSA/IPSC matches at West Frankfort, Il. ?
No, I've been to PASA, Caseyville, and my home range Arnold Rifle and Pistol Club. Oh, wait, I did shoot one match at Highland.
Primer, Come and shoot some IPSC with us at West Frankfort, Il. It's at the Police range, first sunday of every month, range officers shoot at 10:00ish, everyone else 10:30ish. Usually have four to five handgun stages, one rifle and or shotgun stage. Great bunch to shoot with! There's some other shooters that come over from the St. Louis area and shoot there. It's not that far!!!! Interstate all the way from St. Louis!!!!
Thanks for the invitation. I had to give up IPSC because of my bad knee. My "stand and shoot" scores were good, but I lost a lot of points when I had to scoot and shoot. I just don't "scoot" no more. I'm thinking of shooting steel this spring. Arnold holds steel matches once a month.
Hmm...I may have to check that out. That's only two hours away. Too bad all of the IPSC/IDPA shoots are on Sunday. Despite all my vices,I still don't like to miss church.

I've never shot any kind of official match before...I know I'd come in last,but it would be a lot of fun!

BTW welcome to the forum,Shoot-r!
ZeroTA, Thank-you for the welcome.
We'd love for you to come down to the monthly match at West Frankfort.
First Sun. of each month, sign-in 10:00 to 12:00, West Frankfort Police Range. Get off I-57, head East into West Frankfort, range is located one mile North of town on Illinois Rt. 37, gravel drive on the west side of road.
First time to shoot at the range is free!!!! Next time is $15.00, that covers all 4 to 5 handgun stages and rifle or shotgun sidematches.
Yell for Stan! I'm usually R.O.ing something.
Zero and Primmer, Wish you could have made the West Frankfort shoot today, great weather....great turn-out. We're gonna try PPC in a couple of weeks, anyone intrested????
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