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Looking for feedback on reliability and other aspects of Nighthawk pistols

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I'm not familiar w/ Nighthawk pistols and I'm hoping to get some good feedback from owners (the good, bad and ugly) concerning reliability and other important aspects, such as parts availability, maintenance, et al.

I've tested a number of 1911-based pistols but unfortunately I've never had the opportunity to handle any Nighthawk pistols. Loved my MEUSOC .45 and fired well over 300K rounds out of it without a hiccup - saved my life many times. I have a large collection of Colt 1911s, some that I've customized and others that are stock, and I'm looking for something that I can buy that's out of the box custom.

Rob was one of the first guys to greet me when I joined this forum and I noticed he's associated w/ Nighthawk. Not being familiar w/ the company or its products, I went to the website and it piqued my interest as a possible addition to my collection or as a gift for my father.

I have to admit that these are some sexy pistols. I'm not too keen on the Heine sights, however, but I should be able to easily replace them with my preferred sights. Also, I've never fired a pistol with a bushing barrel so I don't know what the puts and takes are with this and I don't even know if this pistol is designed with a Series 80 type safety system or if it's similar to the Series 70 in that respect. I'm especially interested in reliability as I shoot A LOT and I expect a lot of the pistols and rifles I shoot. Any feedback is much appreciated. I wish I had the opportunity to shoot one of these and compare it to my MEUSOC .45 but the fact is I didn't so I'll have to do much homework.

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You can give me a call anytime. I think you want someone outside of Nighthawk to give you there story so I will let them. I am offering my help if you do not get the answers you need.
I bought a NightHawk some years ago and liked it so much, I have four now.

This really doesn't help you much as it's my opinion. I do know their customer service is outstanding.

And you can order one with the options you want. Good luck.....
We have a NH rep in WA State???? Where you at Rob?
Been at SHOT Show. Foece Recon and I have already spoken.

How was the turnout for you guys at SHOT Show?
Shot was a great show. Record sales. Our product is in high demand and we are having trouble keeping up with demand. Stay tuned to our New Website, it should be online in a few weeks. All of the New Models we introduced at SHOT will be featured.
Thank you for asking. Take care and get to the range and shoot!
Rob - I forgot the name of the shop out here that carries Nighthawk pistols. Can you please provide the name of the place? I think it was located in Arlington, TX and I was hoping to get over there this weekend.

Go to http://www.nighthawkcustom.com/ and look for the tab that says preferred dealers, then select the state on the left colum and the right colum will have the listings.

This link should take you to the dealer page, then just select the state you want.
Ok. Thanks for the info. I'm looking forward to checking out these pistols.
I have two Nighthawk Customs.. A GRP and a Talon in hard chrome.. both have been great. I'll also add that my Talon developed an issue with the hammer following the slide.. I called Nighthawk, they took the pistol back and made it right.. no questions, no worries.. that to me says alot about the company. They also buffed an "idiot scratch" I'd put in the slide.. again, no charge. The Talon as has been perfect since.. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Nighthawk and I will own another before it's done..

Brother.....I recognize your question is a year old but after sifting through all the various forums, you have probably seen the full spectrum of opinions from Great - to - Piss Poor, so I hope you see this response. At the 2012 SHOT Show I saw the Nighthawk Falcon and made it a priority to find one ASAP; never owned nor fired a Nighthawk previously but there was just something about it when I picked it up. Took several months and was only able to find one after calling Nighthawk, they helped me locate one of the very few available ANYWHERE at that time with one of their dealers (so big KUDOS for being Customer-centric). Received the Falcon, did the normal breakdown, lube, reassemble and head to the range....200 rounds later knew it was a keeper. Fast forward a few months and ran the Falcon hard in Kyle Lamb's/VTAC Pistol 1.5. The Falcon ran like a freak'in corvette on steroids; 1800+ rounds in 3-days. I was the only 1911 operator in the class and finished #4 out of 24 shooters...in large part because of the pistol. Based on my personal experience, not speaking in generalities, my Falcon is as solid, reliable, good-to-go as any pistol I have ever used. I would take this Falcon with me anywhere, anytime and since I am old school - I use this for my concealed carry (when not lugging around my Glock-30) and am getting ready to purchase its baby brother Nighthawk Falcon Commander for everyday concealed carry. I own this Nighthawk and two Wilson CQBs (CQB LE and CQB Elite) and am partial to both Nighthawk and Wilson....this Falcon is as good as it gets.
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You find a more reliable 1911 then the Nighthawk custom they are amazing .Don't ever do business with Slate at Smp Outdoors is the biggest crook the business sorry to say .Slate shouldn't be allowed to sell Nighthawks gives them a bad name.
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