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Kimber Pictures

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Post your Kimber pictures here
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Here are a couple of my Kimbers.

The top one is a alloy framed Pro Carry. Very lightweight and easily concealable for a CCW.

This one is a standard Custom II with Larry Davidson's "Horned Lizard" grips. This is probably my favorite single stack blaster in the barn right now. Nothing pretty or fancy about it but it's always a big confidence builder when a pistol works 100% right out of the box.

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Nice SP, very nice. Thanks for posting them.
I noticed we all use Wilson Mags lol

I have tried most all company mags and found the Wilson 47 to be top of the line and they also self lube, which is a plus Nice pistols Shooters plus :D
Thanks Vic. I use nothing but the WC magazines also. They cost a little more than some 1911 mags but well worth it in the long-haul in my opinion.

Oh - Thanks for the invite :)
I brought my last set of mags from you

You use the same Wilson parts I use and naturally the same mags.
Plus you are fast I received my order in 2 days. I will see if I need anything more tomorrow when I set up my TTT i think I have all the parts ready, my mom I brought to the airport so I will work on the pistol tomorrow morning and shoot it on Sunday. I know it will be a shooter :D
Nothing exceptional,just a stock TLE. Kimber rosewood grips are the only upgrade. After a few hundred rounds of break-in and some issues with Gold Dots,this .45 now has HD duty.

Sorry about the lighting,I can't take pictures too well.
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Looks great 0TA.
Hard to knock the Kimbers

I think they work well even with MIM parts in them and looks , they are really hard to beat. It looks great does it hold a tight group when shooting?
To be honest,I'm not a great shot. If it's a morning shoot and I'm going for accuracy and I don't drink too much coffee on the way to the range,I can hold a fairly consistent 2" at 15 yards. 25+ yards,and I have nothing to brag about. :D I know the pistol can do better if I shot from sandbags.

Oops, I actually did install a steel msh just because I liked the way it balanced. Forgot about that. All the guts are still mim.
Zero; if you ever need any help on most any guns let me know I will help walk you thru any installing or disassembly of parts. 2'' group at 15 yards is a good group. I rarely shoot over 25yards in some Bulls eye matches I do and was thinking about the Aristocrat site so I just have 3 setting one for 40, then 25 yards then 50 yards.
Just to clear things up,how do you measure groups? I was taught to measure center to center of the two farthest shots. Measuring edge to edge would expand the group to 3".
Now bear in mind that I don't claim to be an exceptional shot (because I'm not!),but if I buckle down I can get some decent groups. Most of my shooting though is geared towards fast COM hits,and not towards sub-MOA accuracy. :)
Center to Center is the normal way to measure strings of groups.
BAC1023, beauty to the eyes I have my eye on that Super match I own the Gold Combat ll, yet I can always get another. I was looking at Fusions pistols and the prices and will get one after the Holidays.
I highly recommend the Super Match. Its as accurate as any 1911 I own, including the semi custom stuff. Plus, I think the Super Match looks great.
I will for sure take that advise, with the Kimbers I change the critical parts with Cylinder and Slide parts on the insides. Not that MIM parts are bad but I rather have something I have worked with for many years now. That Super Match are limited year year so I will jump on it right after I get my Fusion.Thks for the advise.
Here's my Tactical Pro. Older pic... I run Wilson Combat mags now.
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Nice Tucson, I like the 2 tone black slide better than the reverse.

Oh, and welcome.
Thanks for the warm welcome. Nice to see a new place for 1911 fans to meet and talk.
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