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Just so happens I have a few Kimbers also

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I have a Kimber Warrior and a kimber Gold Combat ll. The Warrior is a well made 1911 even though as with all my 1911 I change the insides and do trigger jobs. The Gold Combat ll is high dollar from the custom shop and shoots well, very accurate but again I had to work on it to get the trigger to feel like I like them.Here they are:

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They are both very nice Vic.
Very nice...do you actually like those grips on the Warrior?
Zero; at first I was going to change them but I have actually got use to them and think I will keep them for a while. I have many extra grips for 1911 at home and tried some on it but it didn't feel right, probaly since it was good for the Marines Det-1 I feel it is good enough for me lol. :)
Hmm...can't argue with that!
Very nice .....

Have been looking at a Warrior lately, I hear they're good weapons....soon as I can talk the dealer down I may have one as nice as yours :)
I've got a few Kimbers, I carry a Grand Raptor. I have just finished working on a Pro CDP (pre series II) and will carry that occasionally.


"Grand Dad"

The other two don't get out much. I do shoot the Team Match II occasionally. The Classic Royal has never been shot.
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Very nice i had a custom shop kimber but was offered 2 much for it and i never really took to it so it was easy to sell
I have a couple. One is a range/pin gun and the other is one of my carry pieces..

Gus & Roses, anyone?

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Primers; they are some sweet looking Kimbers. I see you added Crimson sights one one, may I ask if you use it much?
Primers; they are some sweet looking Kimbers. I see you added Crimson sights one one, may I ask if you use it much?
Vic, I have the CT grips on my 3 carry guns (Kimber GR, CDP, and S&W 642). I view the grips as an "aiming aid", NOT a sight. In a defensive situation where I had to draw and use my gun to defend myself I want EVERY advantage I can get. If I had to shoot around a corner or over cover where I didn't want to expose myself enough to use the gun's sights, but could see the red dot by looking from another direction - that's what I will be able to do. It's just another tool. If I should ever have to defend myself, I want to go home afterwards. I'll cheat to win a gunfight. My Mrs. will be happy I did.

So, to answer your question - Yes, and you might observe they both have the CT grips.
I fully understand now because as we both know the sights are only accurate at the distance they are sighted for I have them as a deterrent on my Stainless SIg 220 which I keep close to my bed for the same reasons bro!
Vic, I have my laser aligned to be parallel to the bore. The bullet impacts about an inch higher and about an inch to the left of where the bullet hits. Here's the point to this - this same relationship is true for "any distance". My laser isn't sighten in for a "sweet spot", where the bullet and red dot match. In a gunfight if my bullet is an inch off - I'll take it.
Smart move Primers, i know I have sighted mine in at first @50 feet and when at shot at 10' feet it was almost 3 inches high and to the left for me on my 220.I am thinking we think alike in the lasers now
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