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Just Found the Site

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WOW, great informative site and beautiful to boot!

I found it from a post snagglepuss made on the Highroad.

I've had one 1911 a while, a DW blued Pointman 1. Great gun, but am looking to buy a new 1911 for bullseye and am trying to make up my mind which one to choose. This forum will help me I'm sure. I'll be a regular looker and sometime poster.:wavey:
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Welcome parisite and great user name. When I saw it when you registered I wondered if you were from paris texas.
I am glad the link worked. Welcome to you Parisite. Add another DW guy to the list. Please post any questions or help out others, your input is welcome on any topic.:shades:
Welcome to the forum

Welcome one who no speaks.:wavey:
Welcome parisite, you must have smelled the Gun oil lol.
Welcome parisite, you must have smelled the Gun oil lol.
lol....gun oil and sweet smell of burnt powder.
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If I can ask a question as a newbie and not hit a nerve????

I know on the other 1911 forum buying and selling is forbidden and even the mentioning of such seems to stir up a hornet's nest over there.

Has anyone here thought about starting a Trader forum here? I think it might be a great service to 1911 fanciers.

BTW....I've been a regular on the gunboards.com forums for a looong time.
We have one. Only cavet is you have to have 50 posts to list. I never understood the "other guys" aversion to a buy/sell sub forum.

Sorry for the snafu..........didn't see it.
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