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Just bought a RCBS RC Supreme Master Reloading Kit

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Its been at least 15 years since I loaded a round...HELP.

What type of powder for 45 acp (and 45 Colt later on)?
Anything besides dies that I'm going to need thats not included in the kit?
Any experience with this press would be appreciated as well.
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i loaded on a RCBS 30 years ago, Ridge.

It's a quality press and should last you a life time.
(I'd bet that press i sold 28 years ago is still cranking out ammo)

I'm not sure what all comes in the kit, but if doesn't come with calpiers, you'll need some.
I think dial calipers are on sale at Harbor Freight.
If not, the digital and dial calipers go on sale regularly for $15 to $19 bukz.
They look to be the exact same calipers Foster and others sell for $40.

It's not "mandatory", but a vibrating tumbler makes brass look shinny new.
I bought the Harbor Freight tumbler for $39.
It's been fine and does well.
They'er on sale now

Powders i use most for 45 auto are Bullseye, and Titegroup.
I also load with Unique and Win 231
I like them all, but Bullseye and Titegroup are probaly my favorites.

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Sounds like good advice from Cap. Why don't you list what you got in the kit and we can help you from there.
Here you go... it comes with this stuff
RC Supreme Press
5-0-5 Powder Scale
Uniflowâ„¢ Powder Measure
Speer No. 13 Reloading Manual
Hand Priming Tool
Hex Key Set
Case Loading Block
Case Lube Kit
Powder Funnel and Deburring Tool.

I have reloaded before but its been about 15 years...how is that Speer reloading manual? What are the other good manuals?
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I been researching powders...Bullseye comes highly recommended for 45 acp.
Is it fairly clean burning?
maybe one of the more experienced loaders will chime it,
but looks like the only thing "I'd" say you "need" now are the calipers and a shell holder for 45auto if it doesn't come with the dies.
(a shell holder comes with Lee dies)
I don't remember if my Horaday dies came w/shell holder.
Nor if RCBS come w/shell holder or not.

I'd recommend you buy carbide dies too.
You don't "need" lube with carbide pistol dies, but personally, i prefer to use spray lube regardless.
Just makes things run smoother

Speer is a good manual. I've read many say it's the best.
I have a Hornady manual, but i figure most if not all the "major player" manuals are good.
I'll defer to the more experienced loaders if they disagree
You can also get load data on-line from the powder manufacture's web sites

I don't load any hot loads.
All my loading is done for plinking fodder and most are mild to moderate speeds
Bullseye is clean enough for me.
(it's certainly cleaner than factory WWB and Fed Amerc Eagle ammo)

One powder of the four I've used was cleaner than the others that i recall, but don't remeber if it was 231 or Titegroup.
I may have it in my notes somewhere.

Either way, bullseye is good stuff and what I use the most of followed by Titegroup
Both meter well out of the powder measure too

again, I'll defer to the more experienced loaders if they disagree

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You can also get load data on-line from the powder manufacture's web sites
I stumbled across that last night...my 45 acp loads wont be hot ones but when I get the 45 Colt I will be trying to squeeze some power out of it.
Cabelas and UPS must be working overtime...my reloading kits has arrived. I just ordered it 2 days ago, standard shipping.

The down side is the reloading kit is home, and I'm in Bolingbrook, IL..but I'll be on my way shortly.

Now I need to decide on a powder...Bulleseye, Clays, Power Pistol are some of my ideas...any input?

I have reloaded plenty of 308, 300 Win Mag, and 25-06 in the past...but never any pistol rounds.
Depends on what you are loading. One of my favorite pistol powders is Powerpistol if you are loading hot rounds. It has a nice punch. I am still trying many different powders myself.
Depends on what you are loading.
I load 45ACP for Bullseye competition, PPC competition and IPSC competiion and all are different weight loads - although I do use Bullseye powder for all of it. I've used Clays and 231 with good success as well, I just happen to like Bullseye a little better. I use it in my 38Spl and 40S&W loads as well. It is a dirtier powder, but very dependable - lot# to lot#, and very smooth and consistant through the powder measure.
Well I got my press kit, my bench is built...now I'm trying to sweet talk the better half into letting me order the rest of what I need.
Its going to be about $260.00 From MidwayUSA...:frown:

Not bad really...the whole 9 yards for $520.00 (thats for enough stuff to load 300 rounds...just to get started)

The list of what I need being...
1 lb. Power Pistol
CCI primers
3 die set for 45 acp
300 cases
300 bullets ( just Speer TMJ to start with)
Calipers ( I have set of Starrett calipers...but cant find them anywhere:mad:)
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