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ION bond finish thoughts?

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I'm getting ready to order mine in the next few days, and want the ION bond finish everywhere, including the barrel. Even though it's a newer finish, I hope some here have had it and the weapon has been in use long enough to get some feedback as to toughness, practicality, etc. Any thoughts on the finish would be welcome and appreciated. I've heard it's vastly superior to the oxide finish, but nothing outweighs practical experience.
Bob - if you read this, I'd welcome any thoughts you've had from prior customers on it as well.
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The 1911 I have finished in ION Bond only has about 500 rounds through it, but so far I have seen no noticeable wear at all. I think it looks much better than the black oxide and it is smooth to the touch.
Ion Bond is vastly superior to black oxide
Thanks for the feedback fella's. I have done some internet research and came across an in depth refinish on a Browning High Power made in the 40's and the read included a great amount of information on the Ion Finish and it's toughness. Way too much to list here, but let's say that after reading that, I'm sure Ion bond is the only finish I want on my new Fusion.
Link please?
I have no experience as of yet with the Ion Bond, but the Fusion that I'm waiting for will have it. I too have read great things, and Bob spoke very highly of it saying that he too has refinished many of his personal guns in Ion Bond. I think you will be happy with your choice, and I'm sure that I will be as well.
Ionbond is a great finish for any pistol. It's hard as all get out. supposed to be on the 75 -80 Rockwell which is harder than the blade of a Buck knife. If you've ever tried sharpening Buck knives you know that they're one of the hardest blades to get sharp there is because the steel is so hard.

The thing that worries some people is that Ionbond has a fairly low resistance to a salt water spray test whatever that entails. I don't think it matters much in the normal use of a pistol.

I've seen a Colt that had the barrel Ionbonded with the rest of the gun shoot over 1000 rounds without leaving even a rub mark on the part of the barrel that's visible through the ejection port.

Neat stuff, a little pricey to get done but my carry gun will be on it's way to get it done soon and I'm thinking of putting a slide from another gun in the box with it.
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