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If you could have any gun you wanted....

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The title says it all. If you could have any gun you wanted, what would it be?

Here are the rules:
1) Don't factor magazines, parts, springs or ammo into your total. Since we're using our imaginations, assume you get all that for free.
2) Don't pick the gun on the basis of historical significance. This gun is meant for USE!
3) It doesn't have to be a 1911.
4) It can be totally custom if you want. Specify what you'd change, what gunsmithing work you'd have done, etc.
5) You have $10,000. Go!

Mine would be either the origonal Thunder Ranch gun, given to Clint Smith as a gift by Les Baer and Colt:

(Valued at $6,200)​


The Chuck Rogers Precision Tier One G:

(Valued at $7,000)
So, what about you guys?​
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I want the one 1911 Forged in the Fires of Mount Doom by John Browning himself..

If i can't get that for 10 grand.. I'll take the Engraved Thunder Ranch
:rofl: Nice!
I can get any 1911 I want for three grand or so, so I'd go for a tricked-out .308 bolt gun. And rather than think about it too much and try to spec it out,I'd probably just go with the FN A4 SPR System. I'm sure it will take me a lo-o-o-o-ng time before I need to upgrade from that.

I still have money left? How 'bout a PS90 with an EOTech just for giggles...
A year 1911 1911.
will ten grand get me a GE mini gun??:biggrin:

A friend told me he got to shoot one
(not in the military)
says it cost him $100 for a .6 second burst.
(that's "point" 6 second)

I s'pose I couldn't afford to feed an animal like that though.


FOR HELP CALL623 582 0536

The Standard is designed for urban tactical scenarios. It is chambered in .308 Winchester with a heavy, match-grade 20" barrel. The McMillan A-3 tactical rifle stock features a spacer system, flush mount swivel cups, adjustable integral cheekpiece and your choice of hinged floorplate or detachable box magazine. The new folding stock conversion is available as an option. Other options include a suppressor, muzzle brake, bipod and night vision rail system.
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While I'm a 1911 fan and I do have a couple XD's If I were to design my dream pistol this is what I want:

1. Black Stainless steel frame. I prefer the metal frames, I don't really trust polly guns in -40 F weather.
2. I would like a trough sight, with drilled holes if I decided to put on night sightes or adjustable sights set up for 15 yrds. getting older much farther out I'm not going to get a good shot out to 25 yrds.
3. An installed laser on the guide rod, like Lasermax.
4. Accessory rail. Being a bachelor I don't have to worry about drawing on a family member.
5. The take down lever like the XD has. This feature makes it easy to tear down, clean and slap back together really quick.
6. Either the striker system that Glock or Sprinfield has or the 1911 Single action. There are days the hammer is a pain and times it doesn't bug me.
7. Bigger trigger guard so I can get a winter glove in, with the finger grove on the front, like the XD.
8. Threaded barrells just because.
9. conversion between calibers is just a barrell and magazine switch. . While this may be a pipe dream, it's my dream.
10. No extended beaver tail.
11. big enough slide so if you put magnants on your flashlight you can stick it to the slide in a hurry so you can go two handed without stumbling with any advanced flashlight tactics where you have to stand on your head to hit anything.
12. I prefer heavier pistols and I like the 5" models so no need to lighten up the pistol.
13. I want all the engraving, always wanted a pistol with it so, this is my dream pistol.
14. Ivory grips.
15. amberdexterous safety and amberdexterous over sized mag release
16. backstrap safty, I can take or leave the Glock trigger safety.
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I would go with an MP5K PDW with a can. Not to be confused with the MP5SD

I have some time on this gun and it was a bit of a struggle to get it back out of my possession.
I don't know if it's in the budget allotted, but I'd like that Luger chambered for 45acp.
Since you did not specify rifle or hand gun, I will address both.
I am pushing 60 & have no safe queens. If I own one I shoot it & carry it on some sort of regular basis.

I own 4 hand guns, 2 rifles, & home defense shotgun.
I enjoy looking at others but my wanter got satisfied a long time ago.

All it needs is to be bobtailed and get rid of the grips in favor of some of esmareldas celtic cross ivory grips.
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Ten grand. Hmmmm.
That may or may not be enough to get one of Jeff Cooper's personal 1911s (should any ever come up for sale), but if it would, I'll make that my pick.
It doesn't even have to be a 45 ACP. I'll gladly take a 38 Super from one of his Latin American trips.
Any number of his rifles would do nicely also.

Other dream picks, like John Browning's Superposed shotgun or an M1910 Colt, probably wouldn't make the 10K cut.

I'd like a toolroom Garand, or one of the .276 caliber Garands. 10K might be pushing it there too.
I don't know if it's in the budget allotted, but I'd like that Luger chambered for 45acp.
That one recently sold for $1,000,000.

Hell, lets forget the price cap (most of us have done that already:wink:). Go with whatever you want!

With no price limit, here's what I'd want:

Or, if that one was on backorder:
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I think I saw a shotgun once called a "Street Sweeper"....

I have the 1911 I want, so some amazing shotgun would be my dream gun...
I would get a 12 gauge double barrel side by side, $10,000 worth, with really nice lock work, good wood, engraving, great patterns.... A dream gun. I would take it to the range and shoot clays with it. My combat needs could be served with a used .38 revolver and one box of ammunition..
I`ve watched this thread and seen all of the wonderful choices you all have indicated. While I enjoy my guns...all of them....I`m probably not so much of an enthusiest that one of the high dollar safe queens, while a great addition to anyones collection, is probably not what I`d want. This may sound crazy but, I`d have to go with a comparatively relatively inexpensive Barretta over/under 12 guage. I am thrilled when I get the chance to go birdhunting or shoot spoting clays, and I`ve used my buddies Barretta often enough that I`m almost in love with that gun.
I want a complete Damascus Steel 1911A1----slide, frame, hammer, trigger, slide release, mag release, thumb safety, grip safety, grips, ETC. Tracy
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