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Got a great deal on a stainless frame at auction arms from Fusion. I cant wait to get it.

I basicly bid on the frame for a future future build. probably I will make it a 10mm too, but I also have a 45 kimber with a 460 rowland kit, I wouldnt mind dumping the kimber and doing a build on this frame for the 460 rowland.

Right now Im thinking one of the longslide 10mm tactical hunter kits for a first build.

I contacted Bob Serva, who was great, I wasnt sure what to ask or anything, I just knew he had what looks like great guns at phenomanal prices. Im a big fan of Dan wessons too and am really confident in dealing with fusion based on that.

Anyway he reccomended I get a scout kit. But really Im impatient about getting that tactical hunter kit. I think thats the one I will order.

If I had the money Id buy a ready made gun and a kit. But I really want to try a builld and the longside is what I want to end up with.

So should I just ignore the scout kit, and order the tactical hunter kit?
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