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The Fortis pistol will be constructed to handle the original Norma pressure-level 10mm Auto. (This can be interpreted as handling 45,000 CUP loads!)

This is EXCELLENT news! This encourages ammunition manufacturers to return the 10mm Auto to its original level of power, as well as peritting it to fill the niche as was intended (military/hunting.) The "original" Norma 170-grain load leaves a 5" standard barrel @ 1400 fps, and yields 741 fpe. (Equating the power level of a mid-range 240-grain .44 Remington Magnum.) A 1300 fps 200-grain FMJ or JHP should be well within the realm of possibility.

This is what we devotees of the 10mm want, frequently need and richly deserve. The 10mm was built as an magnum power level cartridge to be chambered in a "service-sized" auto pistol. The Fortis is what we've all been waiting to see!

The representative with whom I had spoken, told me that the Fortis Pistol (in both 10mm Auto and .45 ACP) should be arriving on our dealer's shelves no later than March 31, 2009.

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