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I Like Ike.

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Many of you are old enough to remember that.

Today I dont like Ike. Gustav was a little sissy & missed us anyway.

Ike is going to be the real deal I am afraid & is going to get here at a Catagory 2. If I am off for a while I will give a report when we get power again.

I am headed out to tie everything down. Looks like we are going to take another hit just a little less than Rita.
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Stay safe Preacher. Let us know if you need anything when it's all done.
Stay safe
Stay safe, and may the good Lord watch over you folks.
Thank you gentlemen. I will spend most of tomorrow on the phone.
I live North of Diboll & they closed all South bound traffic today at 2:00PM. Took me 45minutes to get home. 17 miles.
Stay safe LT...
I'm in Waller Texas. About 70 miles NW from Houston.

Forecast says maybe 100mph gusts...

This is the big one..See you later, I hope.....
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good luck guys
Hope y'all are able to stay safe.
Eye is past Galveston Island & East of & even w/ Houston. They are running right at 100 mph winds.
I am 125m North. Exectricity has cycled once here. Wind steady at about 35. No rain yet. For sure the electricity will not be reliable from now on. Will give updates occasionally & as I can.
With the latest Westerly shift that is going to put the eye barely East of us. It was going to be about 50 miles West of us. Now looks lie Lufkin is the bulls eye for a while.
Anyone in Lousiana that can give personal update I would like to hear.
Friend from League City, South & West of Houston just a few miles is really getting a beating. Last I heard from him was 1:00am.
There are several in the area that have to stay due to job. They call them the "Ride Out Crews"
Probably my last check in for a WHILE. Power back on again but dont know for how long. Wind here is now clocked at gusts of 75. Sustained & constant at 45-50. The eye is not here yet so still will increase some. Hope not much though.
We now have seen one of the turbines on our roof go into the back yard. So far we are still dry. All trees look good around our house & as far as I can see down the road in both directions.
Signing out & shutting down so the computer will reboot when this is over.
I am up & runnin.
We finished w/ sustained winds at 65mph & measured gust at the airport to 85 & they were REGULAR.
Angelina county is really trashed but not flooded. This will be more damage than Rita 3 yrs ago.

We actually got power last night about 8:45. I was posting a report when it went out again while I was typing. Only a short out. Started again & I just got started & power started flickering. Turned everything off again & waited til this morn.
Our house no major damage. yard trashed w/ small limbs & leaves.
Church building faired well. Metal roof & only a couple of very small leaks that just dampened the floor.
Will see about power there this morn. No water last night either.
Members are all unhurt. There will be clean up work for our elderly & widows for a WHILE.
Thank you Lord for your protection here.
Grant grace in the areas where there is still great destruction here & down South in Jesus Name
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Angelina County after Ike.

This is a praise report for the Lord giving us watch care in our household & Mom's. Thank you for your prayers & thoughts through the Hurricane. I also thank the Lord that the days of cleanup will be cool & the nights very bearable for those still out of power. At Rita we were out for 15 days. Rita was a walk in the park compared to Ike. Our deacons & ministry staff delivered ice & water to the elderly of our church yesterday. Started cutting trees off houses & vehicles.
There is very little fuel as of yet. Should start seeing it today

The general look of Angelina County.

Just down the road from us, maybe 500yds, & typical everywhere.

600yds from Mom's house.
Note the squirrel at the base of the standing tree. His world was changed too but not near the extent of ours.

There are 2 vehicles under this tree

Now the praise report. Here is our front yard. Note our neighbor had a tree on his house. There were VERY FEW places w/ less clean up than we will have at our places. There is nothing down on ours or Mom's that the ladies cannot carry to the fire easily. Most of it will rake.

Mom's house & yard. Remember the 2nd picture only about 600 yds from her house. She has 3 high native pines around hers that stayed up. One in the picture.
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Glad to know you and yours were spared a lot of damage.
The good Lord was watching over you folks.
Glad you made it OK LT... I been wondering if you and yours were OK.
Thank you ridge & all that have been praying for us. I will have an office day today & then back in the work crews tomorrow. Week day & our church has 3 work crews out w/ 9 folks working. Sat. will be a huge work day I am sure.
Quit a few still out of water & a LOT still out of power. Mom is still w/ us :dancingbananna: Thinking about slipping over there & turning her main breaker off for a while.:rofl::nonono:

Keep praying for the really devistated on the coast. They still have not found all the dead in Galveston.

We have been pretty safe & the city law abiding but down there it is a different story.
Mayor of NO has a Texas buddy

City taking precautions for Ike

From City Reports
Baytown Sun

Published September 11, 2008

The City of Baytown is taking precautions in preparations for Hurricane Ike. All non-essential City facilities will be closed starting at noon on Thursday, September 11, 2008 and will remained closed until the City Manager calls for them to reopen. City employees will work to secure City property and to ensure the safety of citizens. Emergency services and public works personnel will be available for assistance as required.

Baytown Mayor Stephen DonCarlos has declared a curfew for all of Baytown that will be enforced from 11:00 pm Thursday, September 11, 2008 until 5:00 am Friday, September 12, 2008. The curfew will be reinstated at sunset on Friday evening and will continue through sunrise on Sunday, September 14, 2008. Non-evacuating residents should plan to remain off the roads from Friday evening through Sunday morning.

The Mayor has also declared a ban on the sale and purchase of alcohol and firearms will also be in effect from 8:00 am on Friday, September 12, 2008 until 8:00 am on Monday, September 15, 2008.

City officials are also encouraging citizens to be on the lookout for price gouging of high-demand items such as gasoline, building materials, and food supplies. Price gouging is illegal, and the Office of the Attorney General has authority to prosecute any business that engages in price gouging after a disaster has been declared by the governor. Suspected price gauging should be reported to the Texas Attorney General’s Office, http://www.oag.state.tx.us.

All storm related inquiries should be directed to the City’s Emergency Phone Bank at 281-420-5311. The phone bank will be taking calls throughout the storm event. Helpful information is also available on the City’s website at http://www.baytown.org and on Cable Channel 16.
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longtooth, God is good.

Can I make a tax deductible donation to your church that you can use to aid the people down there?

I would like to send help to a charity that I feel I can trust, just promise me that it won't go to a 1911..... :nonono:
You have to separate the needs from the wants. :biglaugh:

Seriously, let me know if it's possible and where to send it.
Thank you so much. I promice it will not go to a 1911. There are several there at any given time.:biggrin:Kimbers (2), aSpringer, & a DW CBOB.
That is just the 1911s.
Again I thank you & our folks will too.
PM to you.
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