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I have a great girlfriend. She bought it for me. I am pretty squared away for pistol. I ordered the #45 shell plate and powder through expander. Using Hornady dies and have a separate TC die.

I could use some suggestions from you LNL users on setting up for rifle. All 223 going through an AR.

Till I get a Giraud trimmer. I am going to a friends house to process on his 650 set up with a Rapid Trim. So all the brass is FL resized, Decapped and Trimmed. For now I will hand clean up primer pocket and flash hole. So far I dont have any Mil brass.

I am considering
#1 RCBS Lube Die
#2 Powder Drop
#3 Powder check
#4 Bullet Seat
#5 Crimp

Any other suggestions?

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I've had two issues with mine so far. Okay, three.

First, the primer loading parts had to be bevelled a bit so the primers wouldn't hang up, causing the slider to stay retracted.
Second, both the first station LNL bushing (expander) and second station (powder drop) would rotate, causing them to move up with the case. This I noticed by the bullets not sitting in the case when I put it in there, but falling over before seating stage. Fortunately, I could hear the difference when the powder drop didn't work properly. I addressed these both with a couple bits of paper to snug up the fit of the bushing.
Third, the ejecting wire is a pain in the tush. I'm planning on eventually converting to the EZject system, but doing it myself as opposed to sending it back to Hornady.

Ah, a fourth...the primer catch tube is a joke. It's too small, and the large primers get stuck in there when I try to empty it.
Also, the plastic tube they sent, isn't a tight enough fit on the brass tube it fits over, and fell off silently the last time I loaded (today) sending spent primers all over the floor. I fixed that by converting it to the Lee plastic tube from my other press. Over twice the diameter and capacity.


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odd, i have had none of those problems. I only reload 45 and 10mm so no problems with the wire.
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