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I am Retired Military

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I went in the Marines in 1967 and went to the Nam for two years.
I was with 2/5 first tour and 1st Recon Battilon on 2nd tour. I put in 25 years in the Corps. :D
S/F Vic
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You did 25 years, thanks for your service. I did less than half that in the US NAVY. I went in at the end of Vietnam forward and was with the amphibious seabees (acb-1), the USS Prairie (ad-15) and the USS O'brien (DD-975).

We got sent to Pendelton for taining at the infantry training base with marines and army groups that would be at a beach landing with us. We would come in behind the marines and build pontoons for the lst's to offload their equipment. Digging foxholes, getting issued an m16 and training on the m60, m203 and mortar was kind of "culture shock" to this squid.:)
I joined the Corps at 17

I feel that it was one of the best things I have done. I fisrt was a grunt 0311, Then couldn't go to Nam till I was 18 and was attached to 2/5, 2 months after my 18th Birthday I arrived in country and was a grunt and also was a 0341 a motar man on 81mm.I came home for a month and went thru RIP (Recon Idocutration program) and ARS amphipous Recon School, then returned to the Nam attached to 1st Recon Battalion C Company and 1st squad. Some of the best times and worst in my life.
Some of the best times and worst in my life.
I really do understand what you mean by that.
I only did my 4 years and got out.

Navy, USS Independence

I did the first gulf war, not that being on an aircraft carrier in that particular altercation was any more dangerous than a normal day in the engine rooms but then any day in the pit is always the same, hot and boring.

I do appreciate anyone who serves, regardless of what branch they are in.
I could not agree more with you RedMonster, All vets I have a special respect for.
Thank you very much for serving, sir, and for protecting all of the freedoms I hold so dear. I hope to join the USMC soon (I'm going to catch up to some of my older buddies after I finish up college), so that I can someday say that I was privelleged enough to do the same.
Coyote; I wish you all the best, going to school you can get in OCS right away and besides being in the military also make good pay now a days.
S/F Vic

Hi, this is my first post on this also new board.

I was in the Army from 1970 through the beginning of 1972. All but two months of the time was at Ft Polk. For most of the time at Polk I was a Brigade information specialist. Mostly I was a media hack and wrote articles for the post newspaper. I mostly kept busy typing letters to friends and interviewing an Olympic hopeful or whatever else would get me out of the office for a while.

Not all that exciting, eh?
Welcome Ozarkian and Serving is serving, you go where they send you.:)
I was in the Army from 91'-94'. 91S (Preventative Medicine) I was stationed in Frankfurt at the 97th General Hospital. It was an easy gig until they redesignated us the 51st CASH then it was field training every 6 weeks. Go to field set up mobile hospital, camp for two days then tear all down, rinse and repeat. Not long after we changed I got out. It was still the best thing that ever happened to me. I think all Americans should have to serve in the military........I think our country would be a very different place if that ever happened.
I agree plow, the military was the best thing that every happened to me.
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When Were Yiou With 2/5 And What Company?
I was with 2/5 in H&S Company with 81's my first tour in Nam.In An Hoa in 1968.
was with hotel, packed a prc25 for a short time for capt. christmas
Still Serving

I think all Americans should have to serve in the military........I think our country would be a very different place if that ever happened.
Roger that!
Welcome home brothers I want to wish you a big homecoming that you never got. Mooozart I remeber Hotel Co. You humped the radio glad you made it home bro.
thanks, have a good friend that retired after 30 and spent a lot of time with India 3/4.
We chewed the same mud brother. You work the Arizona territory as well as i did.
An-Hoa has changed big time. I did a Google earth and it name has something added to it then just An-hoa.
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