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I found a link to this forum in a post on "TheHighRoad.org" and since it looks like a good online community of firearms enthusiasts, as well as a source of solid info, I decided to join.

I'm a fairly new shooter (only been doing it for a few years) and I mainly enjoy shooting rifles, so I don't have any M1911 style pistols yet. But I'm hoping to change that as soon as possible. I look forward to reading and learning more about the M1911 series of pistols.

Thanks for having me,

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Welcome, glad to have you.
:welcome: Glad to have you & dont worry about the learning process. We all started somewhere too. Most of us just a LOOOONG time ago. We will help you w/ your education & you will love them. :welcome:
Welcome, word of warning though, once the 1911 bug hits, its all over but the crying, and these guys around here are the biggest bunch of enablers I have ever seen.
Thank you sir. I resemble that remark.
Anytime Pastor, Anytime
Thanks for the warm welcome, guys.
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