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Howdy from KY

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I just heard about this forum this morning and thought I'd sign up. 1911s rock! :gun1:
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Yest they do and glad you are here andy.
Welcome to the forum
What part of KY Andy? Do you ever shoot at Sliver Creek?
I'm up above Indy.:wink:
Andy Welcome to the Fourms bro I want you to feel at home here and relax and most of all enjoy.
Thanks for the warm welcome! Traderjack, I'm in LaGrange, 20 miles NE of Louisville. I've never been to Silver Creek, I usually shoot on a farm behind the University of LaGrange (KY State Reformatory).
Andy, I've heard some good things about Silver Creek, but never been there either. I'm new to Area 5 so I'm looking for places to shoot, anywhere!
Welcome to the forum Andy, I have not been to Silver Creek but I go to Knob Creek, and the Bluegrass indoor range, the old Rays gun room. I also get to Buds Gun Shop indoor range sometimes just depends on where I have to work that day.
Welcome to the forum Andy!!!
Welcome to the forum, Andy.
Hello Andy,
I do some shooting in that area once a year at Roy Tomlinson Range. Needs to be more like 4 times a year at least but the State is on a limited budget as far as Corrections is concerned. Never heard it called the University of Lagrange before but I will use that one.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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