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Howdy from CA

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Hey everybody, just wanted to say after registering.
I'm Ray Parga and I own del Valle Gunsmithing in Carmel Valley CA and I'm a 1911aholic
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Welcome aboard it's always nice to have a Smith around
Hello and welcome to 1911auto
Welcome aboard.
Hi Ray, welcome. What's it like being a gunsmith in CA? I hear it's kinda hard to get pistols there.
Welcome Ray, I bought a couple of colt grip safeties off you a while back.

I flew the Kalifornia coop just as they started registering assault weapons. Had 2 I bought there at the time.
Welcome from Tennessee! :welcome:
thanks for all of the warm welcomes. Being a 'smith in CA is deffinately different at times. I'd say it's 80% paperwork and 20% benchwork. One thing that is a real pain in the stigma about the shipping verification system in place. Many dealers won't ship to CA
Been out of town w/ kinfolks in poor health so I am at the end of the line here w/ welcomes. This one comes from Texas. Glad to have you on the board.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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