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Howdy, Folks

I see many familar names from the 1911.org site.
I know all of them to be quality peeps and hope to meet some new ones here.

I'm still a 1911 rookie, but have learned a wealth of info in the last year.
I have three 1911s and shoot regularly.

I'm sure I'll gain a lot, but will also try and add useful stuff where i can

PS..i see there's a forum here to talk poly-ticz.
can we argue about religion too:rofl:

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Welcome to the Forum Cap
Welcome Cap.

No religion forum, just 2a and politics.
Cap Wel to the Fourm I hope you will feel at home here and kick back. The people here are tops and know alot on Shooting so please enjoy bro!
Welcome to the forum, Cap.
Welcome to the forum Cap!!!!:smile::smile:
Hey Cap. Welcome!:wink:
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