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A hunting trip to Alaska.

For us here in the lower 48 you'll have to hire an Eskimo outfitter with bush plane and dog sled as an option. Make arrangements during the early season of the year just after the 6 months black out.

If you just happen to live in Alaska, you may already have a bush plane and dog sled. At any rate, you will probably still need an Eskimo.

About the only supplies you will need are warm clothing to protect you from the harsh environment, binoculars, overnight rations and a large can of Green Giant green peas.

After arriving at your destination, preferably remote, settle in over night and prepare for the big hunt tomorrow. Remember the Eskimo guide is the expert here, and what he does will make your hunt successful. When you fly into your guides chosen hunting area, make sure it's the early morning season of the year with the sun just above the horizon.

After arriving safely instruct you guide to hastily build an igloo with a large opening facing east for easy entry and exit. The Polar Bear won't be able to see as well when coming in from the west. You know the sun will be in his eyes!

Next see that you guide cuts a hole in the ice about four feet in diameter and about 10 paces from the Igloo. Place the Green Giant peas in a circle around the hole about three deep. That should do it. Now, quickly hide in the igloo so you can see out and watch the hole. Carefully scan the vast tundra with you binoculars. Do this without detection.

The Polar Bear you are hunting has probably never seen anything green. The green peas will be a natural curiosity for the bear and the smell travels for miles. (He possibly has seen an Eskimo scared green but, that will be of no consequence on this hunt.) You will need the patients of Job, but the wait will be well worth it. After all, how many hunters have actually caught a Polar Bear?

Get your guide and hide yourselves in the igloo.

Get Ready! Get Ready! Now, Get Ready!

Here He Comes! Here He Comes!

Now! Now! NOW!!!

As the polar Bear strolls up to take a pea, run out and kick him in the ice hole!

Nice hunting all.

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