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How is Fit-and-finish?

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So how is the final 1911 Fusion pistol when you receive it?
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Top flight, tightest .45 I have ever held. finish is spot on
I just picked up my Fusion Longslide 10mm Traditional Hunter today. I had the FFL transfer done at a gun range thinking I could try it out when I picked it up. But I couldn't make it to the range until late yesterday (saturday) and the background check could not be done in time. The range was very busy with all lanes occupied and time limits being enforced. The female person at the range left the line of customers standing in line and said "Let me show it to you! When I was logging it in to our records I thought...oh, this is really nice...and I fondled it for a long time!".

I agreed.

Today my background check was done and I was in line behind a group of people led bt the oldest person in the bunch who was showing off a really nice Colt Series 80 Gold Cup NM that had been accurized by some shop whose name I did not catch. I told him I was picking up a Fusion Longslide 10mm. It seemed to go over his head. When I got to the front and got the box with everything in it I took everything over next to the table where this group was waiting for free firing lines and took everything out to make sure the two extra magazines and everything else was there. This gentleman asked how the gun was. I checked the chamber and then handed it to him. He looked it over very slowly. I think he looked at everything twice and then asked "who did you say made this, again?"

I think the fit is very tight and the finish is perfect. I have not fired it yet though. I will go back to the range during the week when almost no one else is there.
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I don't know about finish, but I can tell you from working on my kit that the action of the pistol is like a jeweled movement.

The action of the slide, completely dry and unlubed, worked like it was on magnetic rails. I have only before felt something like that on top end weapons systems. One example I can think of to compare it to is the action on a LRB Enterprises forger M14 receiver. Anyone who has seen one of those weapons knows exactly what I am talking about.

Just perfect, IMO.
Not so tight like a Les Baer where all you have are FTE or stove pipes until break-in is over?
The fit on mine is very tight. I have been prevented from taking it to the range by work and bad snow storms. I will take it to the range today or tomorrow and will post a report. I am waiting on an ammo delivery from Ammoman.com. Until then I only have 100 rounds on hand.
Yikes! 100 rounds - not enough for even an emergency reserve...
Nothing but perfection.

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I'll let you guys know about mine when I get it.
OK, I was on my way out of the house to go to the range and my box from Ammoman.com was sitting at the end of the walkway. So I opened it and took another 100 rounds from my bulk purchase (200 total to the range). I have another shipment coming in for HP ammo, but no chance to try feeding with those yet. The Fusion 10mm Long Slide Traditional Hunter was very tight, functioned flawlessly for the 200 rounds and was accurate. I was fiddling with sights the whole time, but groups were tight. I also took my Colt Series 70 Gold Cup NM as comparison. I have a tendency to get hammer bite with this gun and today was no different. My hand was bleeding badly, but this group is before I had blood running down my palm. The lighting was not very good at the indoor range so my sight picture was less than optimum too. Here is a 25 round target before I got point of impact adjusted on the sights.

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