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Hi guys and gals,

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A certain someone steered me here and I'm glad he did, Hi Pistolero.
I'm Dale from Fusion Firearms. I work with Bob Serva building custom and semi custom 1911's. We'll get some pics posted here on this site so you can see the workmanship we provide. We are a young company but I feel we are coming on strong. We pride ourselves on our quality and customer service. If anyone knows Bob you know what I'm talking about.

Hope to have some fun and informative conversations with all of you.

Pistolero, Thank you for starting this site, I'm sure your efforts will be appreciated by everyone who visits!
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You are welcome and thank you for coming Dale, I am going to start making some changes to accomodate our Fusion Firearms friends.
Dale it is a pleasure to meet ya

I would be very interested on your 1911's I have a bug for over 40 years on working on my 1911 and tricking them out for my friends and myself.
waiting to see your Pictures bro.
S/F Vic
I am always honored to meet a Marine! I would like to thank you for your service to this great country of ours. I myself always regretted not serving in the armed forces but I take pride in the fact that my father was a WWII vet serving in the ArmyAirCorp.

Feel free to visit our site. It's below my signature in my post. We have some pics of our models there under "new firearms". Ofcourse, being a custom shop we can build just about anything you'd like. Be sure to watch our videos we have. The one explains why we do what we do and gives alittle background on Bob Serva.

Take care and Thank you for your interest.
would love some fusion gun porn :)

I am still on the fence with the 220 or 1911 decision so lets see some nice 1911's
Dale; I Fusion Firearms Custom, 1911 LONG-SLIDE 10mm Tactical
is what I am looking for as a Comp Race Pistol and the price is outstanding. I can switch from a .38 Super to a 10mm no problem, what is the time frame in getting one made? Wow I am surprised I never seen your pistols before at matches. Redmonster need a 220 I have 5 of them I may sell one to get one of Dale's pistol's soon all my SIG's are 220 except for my P-6. I have it in Stainless(2 of them), SAO carry, Match SAO with 5'' Barrel and the Equinox carry. All I installed is extended mag releases, all have been throated and polished and 100 % reliable. None have over a 3.75 trigger pull in Single Action and 5 Lbs in Double action.:)
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