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Hello all

I have a STI 9mm Escort which I love, but need some guidance on tuning/improving magazine reliability. Here are the magazines I have and their performance with the STI (all magazines are new). Ammo used was Federal 124gr HST, Federal 147gr HST, Remington HTP 147gr, PPU 115gr JHP, Starfire 124gr JHP, Fiocchi XTP 147gr, Fiocchi 147gr JHP, Fiocchi EMB 92gr, and ARX Polycase 56gr. Tested both with full mag alone, and full mag with round in chamber:

* STI stock 8rd magazine - works fine with all ammo tried except Fiocchi XTP 147gr & Fiocchi EMB (one jam only each).

* Mec-Gar 9rd stainless - worked OK, but commonly did not lock slide back when empty

* Metalform 10rd stainless - worked OK, no jams

* Wilson 8rd stainless - common fail to feed jams with most ammo tried

* Metalform 9rd black - common fail to feed (nose dive)for 2nd round (1st out of mag)

I have reviewed the posts on mag tuning, and recommendations include combinations of Wolff Springs, Grams Engineering Followers, Dawson Tuning kits, etc. But most posts appear to be for 2011 pistols. So, I need some suggestions on what specifically to try for a single stack, 1911 magazines for the STI.

Thanks in advance for suggestions!
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