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Has anyone heard of or tried a Laseraim 1911?

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I picked one up at the local gun show this weekend. It was like new in .45 though I'd never heard of it. I bought it, took it home and ran 30 rounds of ball ammo through it. It had four FTE with Magatec but no problems with Wolf (15 rounds each).

I took it apart to clean it up and found that hit had a fairly deep divot in the feed ramp. It didn't bother ball ammo, but jammed hollow points. Next, I noticed that the barrel could not be scrubbed clean. I thought it was lead, but a lot of work with my Lewis Lead Remover and some JB didn't help. It wouldn't brighten and looked scored. It had a funny feeling ring "kind of indentation" around the barrel midway on the outside. I looked and looked and couldn't find any parts for it, so I took it back and got my money back the next day.

Now I need another 1911 as they are great shooters!!

Dave :flag:
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Yes, I used to see them all the time at gun shows. They sold for about $350.00 several years back. I am not sure of the quality. If I remember right they were an all stainless gun, MK
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