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Gun Control Video

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Hope this one hasn't been around the block to much. I just seen it and got a good kick out of it. :)

Gun Control Video (You Tube)
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That show cracks me up.
At first I thought he was serious then I started laughing here, that was great !!
Not to hijack, but here's another good one that relates to a VERY interesting (and possibly crucial to the US Supreme Court's decision on 2A) study done by the Center for Disease Control:
It sure is I just viewed it and I wonder what the future holds for sport shooters.
I have had a CCP in different states for over 18 years now and hate to think that it could even be taking away without just cause.
That was a crack up...

I am certain that a day is coming when we must fight for our right to keep and bear arms. I fight now by being an NRA member.

I will never give up my guns, NEVER !!!!

I would like to purchase some of these for my liberal friends
I watched a couple of those and they are funny. I especially liked the "Gun Free Zone" one. The absurdity of that one is so apparent around us in everyday life. Like the Omaha incident. Why didn`t the fool read the sign?
Rock On... Rock On... Rock on!
Maybe one day the liberal left will get it?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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