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GSR Revolution RCS Nitron Compact

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Well, I just won one of these on grubroker and I think I am going to like it. The compact will make a great addition to the full size and carry models I already have. It's a gun show model like the other 2 I have (which were 699.99 each) that sells as new guns and carry the same factory lifetime warranty and the first 2 look just like brand new guns right out of the box. I think at 780.00 it's a steal since they go for 998.00 shipped new at buds.
Revolution™ RCS™ Nitron® The Revolution™ RCS is quite possibly the quintessential concealed carry 1911. The RCS – which stands for Revolution™ Compact SAS – comes from the SIG SAUER® Customs Shop and has been put through the SIG Anti-Snag treatment which our gunsmiths developed to radically dehorn a pistol. Available in either a two-tone or Nitron® (shown) finish the RCS comes with Novak® night sights, checkered front strap (25-lpi), checkered mainspring housing (20-lpi) and slim profile custom rosewood grips. Each of these 6+1 capacity RCS model Revolution™ pistols features a stainless steel slide, stainless steel frame, match grade barrel, hammer/sear set and trigger. The slides and frames are machined to exacting tolerances and hand-fitted to insure reliability and performance.

Here's the stock pic's until it gets here:

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Thank you MP.
Very nice!!!!!:smile::smile::smile:
Just outta curiosity, do you find the sharp bottom edge of the grip diggin into your palm? The one I tried out at Gander Mountain wasn't comfortable at all to hold because it was so sharp. Just curious. Congrats.
Congrats On your new Sig Jerry it will serve you good, Good price too!
Very nice Congrats
Jerry what kind of Mags did it come with? I see the new ones like my TTT are Checkmate are yours the same?
I don't have it yet, I just won it today. The sig's I have already one had act mag/novak's and the other had an act mag/novak and one wilson. The one's in this picture appear to be act mag, but that doesn't mean that's what's with the pistol.

Prawls, as I stated above I just won it and since the pistol in kentucky and my hand in arkansas I can't answer that. To figure out what you are talking about though is this something specific to this model, the more radical carry bevel model, or officers grips in particular? Because I have owned/shot officer framed guns before and not had any problem with any sharp edges on the grip.
I bet you can't wait Jerry to get it in your hands big time! My older Sigs also came with Novaks and I never had any problems with them at all but I still prefer Wilsons.Yet I can't say I have had any problems with any mags for a while I clean them monthly with a mag brush and mop, lube the spring, so far so good.
I really like th novak's also, I'm not sure when this pistiol was made but the other 2 I got were only 10 guns apart.

I am really anxious. The sigs I have now are the best made production 1911's I have ever owned and I expect this one to be no different.
Congratulations. I've had a Sig Platinum for a couple of months and like it quite a bit.
I agree with you on that 100%. I just have to do a little work on them to suit me, but actually out of the box they shoot good. I just like my triggers a little lighter then they come stock.
Yea, I have to do some work on all my 1911's, but I normally put egw thick carry bevel bushings, wilson thumb safeties, greider tirggers, and a steel msh (if not a bobtail one) and the sig's I have came with all of those including a greider slide stop. They are even tighter tolerances than the DW cbob I had and that's saying a lot as I thought the cbob was the tightest production gun out there.
As long as that slide stop Dia. is .200 you will always have a nice group. i have so many extra parts here all I need really is a Forged Slide and Frame and Barrel and I can make a new 1911 or a Sig 220 lol.
My sig really has been flawless. Eats any and all ammo through every mag I've tried. Brutally accurate. Wish my ability could match that pistol.
Bill I have 5 SIG 220's and so far 2 GSR one is a TTT and they all are flawless even my old P-6 is flawless and eats anything you feed them.
Come on Bill tell the story of your first sig 1911
Come on Bill tell the story of your first sig 1911
:biglaugh: You're dead right about that thing, Bud. Actually, I posted about that Sig in a different thread. The person is having just about identical problems as I had. I wish him well. That first Sig of mine was brutal.
Bill was it one of their first GSR's or a bit later. I have found the very first ones had extractor problems , but since then they have come a long way. Mine I carry even that is how much I trust them. I have not had any problems on either of my GSR in over 3000 rounds, I did do a little work to them when I first got them but I do to all my 1911's
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