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Grips before and after

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Here is my PT1911 with the new rosewood Chip McCormick grips.

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Wow! Those grips REALLY woke that gun up. Looks fantastic! Did you have to do any fitting to them? The screws look like the same ones . . .
It really looks great!!!
WOW! Night and day difference! Those are real keepers.
When I put wood grips on my PT1911 I had to cut a little notch on the right panel to allow room for the ambidextrous safety. It wasn't a big deal, but it did have to be done.
I was surprised that I didn't have to do any cutting for the ambi safety. The screws are the original ones. The grips are a little thicker than the factory one but I really like them. The factory grips were actually fairly thin. The change took me all of 2 minutes. I am am now TOTALLY happy with my 1911. The grips are Chip McCormack rosewood from Midway. ($37)
Very Nice Grips
Plowboy you did that pistol a sweet make over with them grips they look great on it.
I do like Double Diamonds grips myself
Grips always make the pistol, 1911s just look better than any other handgun and with great grips you just can't go wrong.
Those grips really make the gun look so much better. I'm surprised Taurus didn't put grips like that on in the first place. They wouldn't be able to keep the guns in stock!
I like the USMC grips Vic!
Hey Guys, I think this thread has moved a bit from the original posters intent, partially due to me bringing up Alumagrips. I am going to move the thread to our 1911 Peripherals sub forum where we can continue to discuss this topic. Thanks for all of your input.

just ordered a set of VZ grips from bromnells, they are the slim black paper, the will go on my old colt G/m.
bophi don't forget to post them when on your pistol.
First thing I did with my PT1911 was to rumage around and find a set of Walnut grips for it. Little minor fitting and sure improved the looks. Going to shop around for a better set someday.
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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