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Glad to see this forum...

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guess I'll post a few pics to help get things going here... one of my two favorite carry Colt 1911's...

Left Front Top on boulder

Right Front - crown & bushing
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You are very welcome here Mr. Hart, please do share your outstanding photo's and pistols with us. I have seen that colt before and it's a beauty. I like that cut on the front strap and msh, not to agressive and not snag prone I bet.

For anyone that does not know dhart he is a wealth of information and has one of the most beautiful bevy's of 1911's around. He also has amazing photo's to prove it.:)

Welcome again to our humble board, make yorself at home.
You should've warned me, now I've gone and drooled all over my keyboard! Fantastic looking Colt you have there! Is that still a Series 80 or did you have Christiansen Custom take those parts out?
DHart! I'm looking forward to more pics! Every time you post a picture,I want to go get one just like it! :eek: Glad to see you on the forum.
Wow that is eye candy also, that Colt is really sweet looking, I bet it shoots as well as it looks too! DHart I lost my manners welcome aboard here i was just taken from the looks on your pistol.
S/F Vic
That is one of the nicest looking 1911's I have ever seen.
Hey guys... thanks for appreciating the gun... it's one of my few very special favorites. It started life as a basic, stone reliable ORM in dull black. THe gun was solid, reliable, accurate.... a PERFECT candidate for Ned to take to the max. I specd the gun just as you see it... except the x-motif serrations... I wanted serrations, but Ned came up with the X-motif. The gun was and remains a Series 80 which is fine by me... makes the gun an even better carry gun, I think, super drop safe... even if during a drop, the sear should be jarred out from under the hammer hooks, Series 80 will prevent the firing pin from detonating the chambered cartridge.

Here's how it looked before I sent it to Ned. It was great and I was happy with it as it was, but I needed a gun to send to Ned, so I picked this one. Most important to me was the bobtailed grip. Ned's carry bevel work is amazing! I wasn't a fan of the ORM, so that got gone.

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It sure came out a beauty.
They both look great DHart. :)
DHart you were saving the best for last, that is a piece of art. You have some excellent guns there. Now we need a range report on them lol.
Day and Night difference Mr. Hart. Hard to believe those are the same Colts.
Baba Louie,

Welcome sidekick of Quick Draw McGraw

I have always been jealous of DHart's pics. Great guns D
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guess I'll post a few pics to help get things going here... one of my two favorite carry Colt 1911's...

Very nice indeed!
DHART is an incredible photographer. You should see his S&W revolvers.

Haven't heard from you in a while. Glad to find you again. When's the calender coming out. Tracy
Darn glad to see DHart posting 1911 pics again!!!!!!!
Dhart ! As I live and breath... :biggrin:
A hearty welcome to you sir. Come on in
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