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GI mods

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Well, after shooting my GI with those puny combat sights for awhile, and after giving the matter considerable thought, I`ve decided to have a different set of sights installed. In talking with my pistolsmith, we`ve narrowed it down to either the white dot set from Kings or the white outline set from Fusion. My first preference is the set from Fusion, but he was going to have to call them to get the front sight tennon width. If it`s not the correct width, he (and everyone) knows the sets from Kings is available with the proper tennon width.

I`ve also decided to have the ejection port lowered and flared while the gun is there. With ammo prices continuing to rise, I may very well want to start reloading. Undented cases will certainly help that situation considerably. And I should be able to get started reloading quite cheaply...my best friend has a complete set up that he hasn`t used for a long time.:biggrin:
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The dent doesn't actually keep you from reloading them .. nothing wrong with the mods you plan though $$
The dent doesn't actually keep you from reloading them .. nothing wrong with the mods you plan though $$
That`s what I understand...but isn`t resizing is easier if undented?
With Carbide it doesn't really matter don't feel lighter or heavier
Cases can be severly dented and my carbide dies squish them right back to spec. Makes no difference in my opinion.
These things I didn`t know....thank you very much for the info. Having learned this though doesn`t change my opinion of lowering and flaring the port being a good change.
If dented cases caused problem I would be in a bad way :)

Sounds like you are getting some nice upgrades and good luck on you reloading project.
Keep us posted on the sights. I have an old model GI that I'm considering putting a set of King 3Dots on.
Keep us posted on the sights. I have an old model GI that I'm considering putting a set of King 3Dots on.
Sure will. I`m having a hard time keeping myself from calling my smith to see which sights it`s going to be (the Kings or Fusions), let alone the timeframe. I`m already missing the darned thing.:bawling:...there`s any empty hole right now. In fact the lonely hole has caused me to try and get another to fill it`s place in the meantime. But that`s another story.
I said the heck with sights, and bought a set of Crimson Trace Laser Grips. Can see that red dot way better than those teeny sights.
Well, I talked with my smith yesterday, and the sights from Kings are on backorder. It may be another 3-4 weeks before they get here. So....all good things come to those who are patient, right?
FINALLY got the GI back today. Again...finally. My smith could not get the 3 dot sights from Kings...they were backordered till who knows when if ever. So he finally got the Mil Spec 3 dot sights directly from Springfield, and that took over 3 weeks. The sights look great, as does the ejection port job. Hopefully I`ll get a few minutes to test it out this weekend and see what kind of difference having "real" sights makes.
How about some pics?
I`ll try to get pics up this weekend.....my wife let her mom take the camera for a few days. She`s coming for Easter dinner and should have itt back then. I guess I shouldn`t complain....my wife and her mom bought the camera together.:thinking:
Do you mind me asking what it set you back?
Do you mind me asking what it set you back?
No problem at all. My total bill from my smith on my GI for the sights from Springfield, sight installation, lowering and flaring the ejection port was $105 out the door. I think he did me right. I have noticed one little machining blurb just below the ejection port across the Springfield name, but it is truly hardly noticable, and this gun was by no means ever meant to be a beauty queen. I bought it to shoot and defend my life with. Again...I`ll post pics when I get the camera back.

By the way, I did stop out to my gravel pit this afternoon on my way home and quickly ran 3 mags (21 rds) thru it. Shooting semi rapid fire offhand at 10 yards I had a 3.5 inch grouping. Not bad for me!! And far better than before with the combat sights. I could actually see the sights. :biggrin:
Got the camera back for a short while, and here is a photo of the ejection port lowering and flaring job, along with a 15 yd offhand grouping of 21 shots. Had to stuff a plastic sign in the FOOT of snow we got yesterday, since my 10 yd target got lost in the stinkin stuff. Couldn`t get a decent pic of straight on with just the sights, my skills with the camera need to improve, and my wife and mother in law are gone already with the camera.

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Stopped over at my gravel pit range for a few minutes late this morning on my way hame from work. Ran a box of Blazer Brass thru it and I`m impressed with how much of a difference being able to see the sights makes. While this pic is no real dandy by some standards, for me at 15 yds offhand, I`ll take it.

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MSJDGMN, Sent my GI back to Springfield and had the mil spec white dots installed for $65, best 65.oo I've spent. Only other xtra I plan on is a forged slide stop and it will be good to go long term. These 68 yr old eyes couldn't pick up the GI sights.

Welcome to the forum. Tracy
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