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Getting back in to reloading

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Ordered from MidwayUSA

Lee Deluxe Turret Press Kit, 2 extra 4 hole turret heads, Lee deluxe 4 die sets for; 9mm, 40S&W, and 45ACP, Lee Safety prime for large and small primers, a digital caliper, and case length gages.

Manuals: Lee loading manual, Hornady Reloading Manual; Speer Manual #14; ABC's of Reloading; and Loadbooks USA "45 ACP.

I saved $200.00 or more by going with MidwayUSA http://www.midwayusa.com/

Now i need to get some bullets, primers and powder. Will start with the 45 some target rounds

I will post a picture of my bench once set up
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Sounds like a great set-up Keith. You will be better off buying the power and primers at your local gun shop as the hazardous shipping fee is pretty high on those items. Midway USA and Graf and Sons are the main places that I deal with.
i need to start rolling im running out of ammo
You and me both Bud!!!! I have a Dillon RL550 and I can crank out some serious ammo with that machine!!! I started on a RCBS Rock Chucker and that taught me the basics of good handloading. It was and still is an excellent reloader but I just needed to step up in my reloading!!!
I have that Crappy Hornady LNL i cant wait to buy a Dillion
A Dillion 650, with a auto cartridge feeder is what I have , BTW Dillin is about 16 miles from me Bud lol.
Keep it up Vic
Bud you should move out here bro, the high today was only 67 burrr. We could go shooting together.
Ive thought about warm places for sure if it wasn't for family i think i would always wanted to go to Alaska also even though its colder
Alaska is beautiful if you can handle the cold there. For about 5 months of the year it is night time, I could not get use to it. Plus it is very expensive. up there, thou they pay good.
Never been but want to go
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