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Gettin' Frustrated....

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Does anyone know of any Ed Brown distributors, or anyplace else I can get a good discount? I can't afford one at factory price, but at dealer price I'd like to get myself a nice Executive Carry or Jim Wilson. Thing is, I can't find a single stinkin' distributor, and there aren't any dealers within 150 miles of C-town. Davidson's, no Browns. Gallery of Guns, nada. Keith at KWBSales, nope. George at MIGunslinger's, uh-uh. ProLoad, zip. Can ANYONE help out while I still have some non-grey hair left? :hairpull:
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The Jim Wilson is one heck of a pistol, but very pricey for my income.
Yeah, mine too. That's why I need a dealer around Cleveland so darn bad! Some people have all the luck.
Hate it when ya can't find what ya want at a real price..

What are the Jim Wilson's going for ?
I think they're $2,300 MSRP, about $2,050 retail.
Proload told me he stopped carrying Ed Brown's because they were so hard to deal with. His words.

Whittaker guns http://whittakerguns.com/ carry's Browns and they have pretty good prices on other stuff I know.

P&T partners has, or used to have them also but I don't have the website address.
Little Pricey for sure but aren't they all
Tell me those are the MSRPs, not what they're selling them for! Yikes!
I dont think those were MSRP's
I wouuld check with whittakers, they usually have decent prices. They have call for prices on their brown's though.
Great, thanks a load Jerry, will do first thing Monday.
You may have already done this Kyle, but over at EBs web site his dealer directory lists a few dealers around Dayton and one near Cincy. Can you say 'roadtrip'?
Oh, nice! Yeah, a road trip just may be called for! :thinking:
I don't think there's too much of a discount on the higher end gun's.
Usually about 10% is the most common. The bad think about buying a 2,000.00 gun locally is the tax pretty much negates the discount.
I think I've read almost every review of EB pistols in the last 10 years. I have a Caspian with Ed Brown parts and I like it alot but I've never seen a review that listed Ed Brown guns at less than 2" at 25 yards. For me its important to get an inch. It's a personal thing because if I err I know its me.
Hurry and find one soon. You won't believe how great Ed Brown 1911's are.
I know this is obvious, but I would bet that you are more likely to find what you want, at the discount you are looking for, on Gunbroker or gunsamerica.
Good luck,
Hurry and find one soon. You won't believe how great Ed Brown 1911's are.
I agree 100% !!!!!!
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