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Georgia Arms Ammo

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I have Georgia Arms +P 185 gr Gold Dots for my SD ammo. So far, even though I haven`t shot that much of it thru my S&W full size Stainless, I have had perfect results from a feeding/accuracy point of view. I`m wondering what others might think of this source of ammo, and whether any of you have had any reliability issues or other concerns?
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I have only heard good things about Georgia Arms.
GA is the source for my primary load...200gr. plated SWC.
I finally had a chance to try out the Georgia Arms 124 gr +P .38 Super Gold Dots in my RIA GI today. This is good stuff. Feeds and functions perfectly, it`s accurate as heck, and this stuff is CLEAN. Man is it clean shooting.....so clean that I had to look closely to see any fouling. I`m very pleased with this ammo.
Bought 500 185 Gold Dots in 45acp but not plus P....just regular speed...and the folks are nice to deal with and the prices and service are great...and the ammo is darn fine stuff...will definitley buy lots more from them...and it seems they will load just about anything for you...very accomodating...
I just bought 500rds of their Speer 100gr .357Sig frangibles to try out.
I've been using GA-Arms for my range and carry ammo now for at least 8 years.

Prices are great. I buy there "Canned-Heat" bulk ammo which is once-shot reloads and the stuff looks brand new and comes in an ammo-can which I love cause I use 'em for all kinds of storage.

As has been mentioned, ammo shoots clean too. Their SD hollow-points are all Gold-Dots which is my preferred HP bullet.

All in all: Great company, great product, great prices.
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