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Ok, I got the Fusion frame / Marvel slide (what I now call the FM1911) out to the range yesterday. Everything functioned great, but the trigger felt sticky a few times (maybe 6 out of the 150 rounds fired). I think it was because I just gave the frame a quick cleaning, and not a detailed one before taking it out. I took it completly apart, and I'll see how it goes from there.

The Wolf ammo not only was much less accurate than the CCI stuff, but it had a few FTFs as well. My CZ 453 rifle loves it, so I'll keep it for that. The last time I had the Marvel slide out (on my DW at the time), it had some problems with American Eagle and Remington, so I think I'll just stick to the CCI from now on.

Wolf - 10 rounds @ 20 yards

CCI Standard Velocity - 10 rounds @ 20 yards

CCI Green Tag - 10 rounds @ 20 yards

CCI Pistol Match - 10 rounds @ 20 yards

CCI Green Tag - 40 rounds @ 20 yards (wrote wrong # of shots on target)

CCI Green Tag - 50 rounds @ 30 yards

CCI Pistol Match - 40 rounds @ 30 yards

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Looks like the Green Tag will be your choice for accuracy.
THat is some good shooting & very affordable practice round.:flag:
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