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We have had some folks ask about the Fusion Hunter Mods made in other Calibers like 45, 38 Super....Etc.
What do you all think about Expanding the Hunter Series for next year??
Thank you for all you help,
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Bob, that is great!!! I mean a manufacturer actually asking it's customers what they really want!!!!!:notworthy:
Great idea Bob:shades
Works for me
It's good to see you Bob!

Bob: This is Gunfan! (My wife, Shelley Bought me Dan Wessons Razorback serial #0084. Do you remember me?) :wavey:

Its good that you are considering chambering the "Hunter" model for other calibers. You should, however, remember to remind those that purchase the model in the other calibers to respect the limitations of their respective cartridges.

'tis also great to be on this board among other members that appreciate the 1911 in all of it's permutations!

Thank you for all your input,
We will be expanding the Hunter and keep feeding us what you would like to see as calibers.
Thank you,
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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