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Fusion Fireams pictures

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Post pictures of your fusion firearm's here, show off Bob and Dale's craftmanship.
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Fusion Firearms Eye Candy

Ok, this time maybe. I've been trying to figure this out. You don't know what I've been going through! I've never uploaded pics before.

I'll do some more later guys. Thanks........
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Man, talk about eye candy. I'm not much of a light rail person on a 1911 but that one has got me thinking about one. I need to start saving my pennies.

I hope you don't mind I edited your pic's. Just a tip, when posting an image it's
Dale they are awesome pistols

I loved the job you done on all of them wow, I will be getting one, How accurate are they at 25 yards ?
S/F Vic
Looks great Dale. :)
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I can definitely see a Fusion in my safe next time I go 1911 shopping. Holy mainspring housings,Batman,those pistols are beautiful.
Fusion XM-10 Tactical Longslide

Here is a stock pic of the gun I purchased from Fusion. I am having them add a brushed stainless magwell and grips. I will post personal pics when it arrives in a week or two. Should look a lot like the 9mm above in post. :biglaugh::biglaugh:

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Welcome Snag and very sweet. We will be waiting for the pics and range test.:)

If you know of any other fusion guys looking for a fusion dedicated area feel free to send them here, they are very welcome. That goes for any other brands also.
Wow Snag; that looks awesome, we will need a full range report and pictures like Jerry says. That is the 6'' barrel model correct?
More pics.....

(Pistolero, I'm still not sure how to make these show up, could you help? Thanks, Dale)

I just fixed them and I will send you a pm. Doh, took me a minute to get them right.
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Yes it is the 6 inch. I have two Dan Wesson 10mm's from the Serva days and can hardly wait to try Bob's new longslide. Thanks for the quick and gracious welcome.

I like this commander a whole bunch. I could see me with one bobtailed.

Dale, when you post just click on what looks like an envelope behind a mountain and it will pop up a place to enter in the picture link. You just do that for each pic.

I have spoken to Dale and Bob and will be gettin one ordered in Jan. after the holidays. I was very impressed to see the work wait till my shooting friends see it they will be placing order's to Dale fast.
When I see that one my eye always stops and weeps. A bobtail is the only thing that would make it better. The matte finish with those oily looking grips is outstanding. Why wait, get it now.
I spoke to Bob on the Bobtail and after the holidays they will be making them. If not Brownells has a jig to make it one and a Mainspring to, if you can't wait lol.
Dale... that two toned black and grey model is classy & elegant looking... my favorite of those you showed! Very nice.
That's our new model, CommTact. It's a commander with the tactical rail. It feels absolutely right, it points very well and is balanced just about perfectly. It's also one of my personnal favorites. Thanks for looking and for the nice comments!!
Dale, you guys are building a stainless tactical for me. please throw some snaps up on the forum when you guys finish it.

Buff, will you be responsible for the range report. Can hardly wait hear how she shoots.:wink:
Buff, will you be responsible for the range report. Can hardly wait here how she shoots.:wink:

I will be more then happy to give a range report on the gun. My ability to shoot it well that might be another story :eek:
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