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Fusion Custom Bobtail Kit for our soldiers over sea’s

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This is a custom Fusion Bobtail kit for one of our brave soldiers on his way home from the mid-east on leave. Chris is stationed over in the sandbox and is coming home for a few weeks on leave. We hope he enjoys his kit and can share some pictures with us as he builds. Again, we thank Chris for his service, and stay safe on your remaining tour!!:flag:

Thank you again for all your support,

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Are these kits available to the general public? Couldn't find them on the website. Looks like a great kit.
bobtail kit

i hope so i wood like i to :thinking:
thank bob keep up the good work.
Toddzilla and Dlewis, just email Bob with your specifics, that what I did with my build. It came out perfect. I carry mine everyday. You wont regret it.
First a big thanks is in order to Bob and the fine folks at Fusion for the great work they did on this project of mine. I would also like to thank Larry Davidson for the wonderful grips he sent me for the gun. It is about 90% complete as I write this. I have some final polishing to do before I send it off to be Cerakoted. I ordered the kit about three weeks before I came home on my R&R from Iraq. It was sitting here waiting on me when I arrived. The build was very easy and required only the use of some small hand tools and patience. The only parts that were not 100% drop in were the trigger shoe and the ambi-safety. Bob sells great kits for anyone considering building a great 1911 to their own specs. I test fired it on Wednesday and ran 100 rounds of 230gr Ball through it without a single FTF or FTE. It ran flawlessly. I am using Wilson Combat 47D's in the pistol. I topped the slide with a set of Heinie Straight Eights. It shot to POA everytime I pulled the trigger. The trigger is breaking right at 4 pounds with zero creep or over travel which is perfect for a carry gun. 25 Yard groups off a bench with remanufactured ball ammo averaged 2.5". Once I get back from Iraq in June I will work up some handloads and I am sure I can get it under 2" with no problem. I will certainly be ordering a Fusion for my next 1911 build.

Thanks again to Bob at Fusion for the great kit. Below are some pictures

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Thanks for the very sweet post!!

Kits are available with many custom features, just as the pistols are so you can email us with your requirements for a quote.

Thanks again.... Very nice build :smile::smile::smile:
Very nice bob com and thank you for your service.
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