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For Ranger T bonded ammo try here

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I buy from them alot, the prices are also good.:shades
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I'll back you up on that. I've bought from them a couple of times, and was happy.
They have good prices Barry and fast service!
They are out of stock for the ammo I would want, but I'll check back in a few days - or I'll just call them. Maybe they just didn't update the webpage. Thanks for the heads-up Vic.
Primers check your local Gun shows they can always be found there I have a LEO online that also sells them.I have friend in Fl. that sells them online if you want some for sure I will Contact him.I will see what is in stock and give you his E-Mail.
I'll check at the next gunshow. If I can't find any I'll shoot you a PM.
Sounds good A Jerry Kirckpatrick sells them at a good price. He is a LEO but has a online hushed mouth store.
For Ranger T Ammo

RA380T - 380acp 95gr - $25.00
RA9T - 9mm 147gr - $20.00
RA9124TP - 9mm 124gr+P - $20.00
RA9TA - 9mm 127gr+P+ - $20.00
RA9BA - 9mm 124gr+P Bonded - $24.00
RA40TA - 40s&w 165gr - $22.00
RA40T - 40s&w 180gr - $22.00
RA40BA - 40s&w 165gr Bonded - $25.00
RA357SIGT - 357sig 125gr - $23.00
RA357SB - 357sig 125gr Bonded - $25.00
RA45GT - 45GAP 230gr - $25.00
RA1200B - 12ga 9 Pellet Low Recoil 00 Buckshot - $3.00
RA12RS - 12ga Low Recoil 1oz Rifle Slug - $3.00
RA223R - .223 55gr Soft Point - $14.50
RA556M855 - .223 M855 62gr Green Tip Penetrator -$16.00

Contact me direct at [email protected] if interested.
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No 45acp 230g?
Primmer, he posted this at another Fourm 2 months ago, I am sure he restocked since them, just contact him.
I just sent him an email.
Jerry will let you know, He is a good person as always delivers fast.
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