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For 1911 pictures

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Sticky for pictures of 1911's not covered in the above forums
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Here's one I have always regretted selling. One day I will get another as it was a very sweet shooting gun. It is a STI Trojan in 9mm with Metalform "Springy" magazines.

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Here's my ServiceMaster. I think the quality on these guns is very high. This one is like brand new.

Who else owns a Detonics?

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bac1023 slap me go ahead I did have one and sold it when they changed ownership.
That was a big mistake.
bac1023 slap me go ahead I did have one and sold it when they changed ownership.
That was a big mistake.
That is a shame. I like them because they're kind of unique and like I said, I think they're well made.
bac1023 it was a shooter and I seen they changed hands so many times I just wondered why? I sold it and brought my Kimber Gold Combat ll which is a good pistol but I had to do some work on it to make it shoot the way I like my 1911 the Detonics
I never even worked on I could not find a thing to perfect on it lol.
Shooter, I would be feeling the same way. That is a beautiful gun.
Here is a picture of my Auto Ordnance 1911A1 I bought after tested the pistol. All in all a fine handgun in my opinion.
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My 1911 build

Here is a pic of my build that I completed last year.
The frame is a Doublestar and the rest of the parts are from Sarco. This gun was a first timer experiment so I dont have a lot of money in it. It has gotten me familiar with the 1911. Id like to try a more quality build eventually but I will need a lot more knowledge before I try. Im the kind of guy who likes to do my own instead of buying something.
This gun fires everytime i pull the trigger and passes the safety checks according to cylinder and slide. One minor flaw (probably caused by the parts) is the frame and slide do not match up at the rear of the slide. I will not dremel the excess of, it can be adjusted with the right parts and gunsmithing. Here is a pic of it.

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Jimmy at A&P Arms and Gunsmithing in Virginia Beach did the honors. I am very pleased to have an old friend spruced up.
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Looks good, Collin.
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Collin, it looks great!!!! Jimmy is the young gunsmith at A&P isn't he? I have not been there in awhile but he did some work on a 1911 for me also.:smile:
Good Morning AutoMag. Yep, Jimmy is the man over at A&P. He'll be seeing my RIA .45 too. His checkering on the frontstrap just amazed me.
Great pistols.

Detonics are great. I've heard they have gotten even better after they changed ownership. I like the Servicemaster the best.
Below are some pics of my Detonics Combat Master MkI. This particular gun is from the early '80s. .45 acp.

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Do you know what their (detonics') reasoning was for placing the rear sight so far forward? It seems like it would shorten the sight radius on an already short slide. Please forgive my ignorance, but I know nothing of detonics. However, I have read about their good quality.
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